NEPHRITE JADE: Stone of the Buddha · Peace · Strength · Wisdom · Great for: emotional balance, heart opening, mercy and compassion, inner harmony and harmony in relationships, diffusing and dissolving anger, healing scarcity consciousness and moving into prosperity and abundance, auric cleansing, health and healing. Purported Physical Healing Properties: detoxification, filtration and elimination, kidneys and kidney stones, bladder, liver, fluid retention, diabetes and blood sugar, inflammation, arthritis and joints, immune system, fertility/infertility, menstruation and pms, multiple sclerosis, eyes, skin, cancer.



NUUMMITE: Stone of the Void. Auric Shielding · Regeneration · Creation · The oldest stone on earth (4 billion years old). Great for: self-acceptance, self-appreciation and honoring, healing etheric blueprint & aura, clearing tension headaches, shadow work and honoring inner darkness, transmuting depression, protection from psychic vampires, energy drains and psychic attack, blocking and returning negativity to the sender, teaching correct use of power, calming, clearing and centering the mind and spirit, discovering the true self.