On Cutting Cords and Bringing In Love: Guest Post by Lili Reyes

As a continuation from last week’s topic on Pranic Healing, this week we have awesome healer Lili taking over the blog. She leads an incredible weekly meditation on Sundays for relationship healing, with a forgiveness technique that’s just as helpful to you as it is the person/dynamic you’re working through. You can check it out here.

Seems like as the summer comes to an end, the summer lovers do too. There has been an increasing number of clients and others who have been seeking help in trying to process a break up. Here’s a question I received from a beautiful young woman who has been processing her own separation and had concerns most people do when they come to me for healings. After reading my response to her question, she expressed that she was finally able to sleep and her anxiety lifted. It’s my hope that, if you too are having a hard time from a breakup, you find relief and consolation.

Hi Lili,

I hope I’m not bothering you. I’m worried about something… In my most recent energy healing session the healer cut cords…she didn’t tell me, she just did it as part of the healing process.

Does this ruin chances of a reconciliation with my husband?

As we are not in contact, the energetic contact is all we had…if that has been cut (and I felt it) will the reconciliation happen? Will he feel this shift too? My heart is not welling up with love when I look at his picture now. I don’t want him to feel like there is nothing connecting us. My whole work these past six months has been to draw him in energetically. To heal our relationship energetically. Now I don’t feel that same level of emotion. 

How do I reattach these cords?

Looking forward to your reassurance and guidance. 



Dear Eve,

You’re not bothering me at all, it’s my pleasure to be of service.

There are two kinds of cords, negative and positive. The positive, loving cords between any two people are impossible to cut; those are there forever. The cords that were cut were negative cords, which are imperative to remove, even on a daily basis, with people we love. When you look clairvoyantly cords are hollow tubes attached to two people that transfer energy back and forth. That’s why you’ll often hear people say they feel drained or emotional from being around certain people. Likewise, you’ll hear others say they feel inspired or happy when around other certain people. These emotions get passed through these cords and in other ways. In any case, it’s important to remove the negative cords so the positive ones are dominant. So in your case, we definitely want the negative cords cut. The positive ones are still there, don’t worry.

Important to remember several things: the purpose of receiving healing is for your benefit. When you feel good your outer reality will match what you feel internally. Most religions, spiritual practices, and the law of attraction state this; it is a fundamental law of the universe. Like attracts like.

Inversely, when one is sad or depressed, resentful, excessively worried, or needy, you’ll attract more of what matches that: experiences of not having what you want to be able to match those negative emotions.

The universe *always* listens and delivers, it’s all a matter of what you’re asking for. Not asking in words, but in feeling. You can’t feel depressed and bring in experiences of joy, and vice versa. They do not match in frequencies.

Also important to remember, everyone has free will and we can’t force anyone to fall in love with us or be in relationships with us. If any such spell or command were to force that, it would actually result in generating negative karma in the future – we definitely don’t want that.

But what we can do is influence someone’s emotions. Like stated before, the energies that get transferred through positive cords, our aura, and our feeling, evoke those emotions in others. And *that’s* what the healing sessions you’re receiving are for. To help you feel good without needing your husband. To feel happy, inspired, free, loving, and sexy without needing any man! And when you bask in those feelings long enough, the right partner who is able to deliver more experiences that match those same positive emotions (whether it’s your husband or someone else) will immediately be drawn to you. Drawing someone in is not what we do deliberately, it’s a *result* of what we do for ourselves energetically.

Point being, the less you need him the better your chances. Because if right now you feel needy, it’s actually only going to push him away more. Get back to you. Get back to what makes you happy, truly. Get back to what makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Just keep repeating to yourself, “Like attracts like. Am I feeling what I want to experience in my near future?” Do what you need to help you get to those good feeling places. And the purpose of the healings is to *support* the personal work you’re doing. The healings deeply remove negative energies, blockages, and obstacles that prevent you from reaching those good feeling places. But essentially, you’re doing the long-term work. Like going to the gym for a healthy and fit physical body, and hiring a coach to help you reach your goals. Same thing.

So if you’re looking at his picture and not feeling the love, do some deep inner reflection and practice self-honesty about the relationship. And/or seek a therapist’s help. Talking it out to yourself or with a professional may help you realize what you truly want in a healthy relationship. Maybe you’re realizing that there are other relationships that can provide that, and that this connection with your husband has met its expiration? In which case, thank God for the blessings and lessons and wonderful experiences it has given you. Doesn’t go without saying that you can still heal the relationship and part ways. Healing the relationship is to release any resentments or negative projections you have toward him. You can still feel peace and love and mutual respect and decide to just be friends. The goal is inner peace.

I do believe in miracles. I believe miracles are a natural part of our existence. So I don’t doubt that your husband can come back. But I also believe miracles happen as silver linings when we think the worst has happened. Be open to the millions of ways God provides miracles as people or opportunities. And I also know to listen to people in their words and actions. So if someone wants to leave, let them. God will provide a miracle partner that meets your needs and desires.

Also, on a more personal note: in my younger days whenever I went through a breakup my sister used to tell me, “a man’s rejection is God’s protection.” And boy, is it true. I obviously did not know it at the time of each breakup, but each of those exes from the past ended up being total losers lol. Or maybe not, but they were still not the men I thought they would become. But I couldn’t see it until years later when I’d have a “where are they now” episode and either look them up or reconnect as friends and realize that they are not men I would want to be with! And God protected me from being in a rut, from being unhappy, or from being in a relationship that I didn’t deserve and was unfulfilling. The breakups were actually gifts.

So consider this vacation time you have right now as a gift. The gift of time and opportunity to get back to who you truly are: a kick-ass, sexy, intelligent, powerful, fun-loving woman! And then let’s see what kind of kick-ass, sexy, intelligent, powerful, fun-loving man you attract. 😉

Hope this helps. And pardon the length. There was just a lot to say. ☺

Many blessings to you, dear. Let me know how else I can be of assistance to you.



Lili is an official representative of the U.S. Pranic Healing Center. We are honored to have her as a practitioner at Liberate and is available for one-on-one sessions. She also leads meditation on Sundays at 2pm with group healings. If you have any questions on Pranic Healing or your healing journey, please contact her at [email protected], or call our shop at 323) 745-0495 to book an appointment with her. 

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*In respect, alternate names were used to conceal the identities of others.