Own Your Energetic Space – by Terrie

How many times have you left your home for the day feeling absolutely fabulous, on top of the world, indestructible? You’re driving to your destination (let’s say a super market for some produce) blaring your most favorite song from your iTunes list. Life is just grand, isn’t it? In your home you are the master, no one and nothing can get in your way. You walk into your neighborhood super market, crossing that threshold and then BAM! Stepping through those automatic doors suddenly and strangely, you feel like you’re in a video game having to duck from what ‘feels’ like a precise laserbeam assault aimed right at you. You lose those good ‘feels’ and now you’ve gained a case of the blahs. In a matter of seconds you went from 60-0.

You do your shopping and continue on with your day’s tasks just moving through the motions like a robot, perhaps even getting frustrated, angry, or sad.

What happened?

Examples like this are VERY common for empaths, folks who have an extremely high sensitivity to the EMF (electromagnetic field) around them. Everything has EMF, even inanimate objects. The human EMF source is called the auric field (aura) and is fueled by our chakra system (there are 7 basic energetic centers that ‘feed’ energy to various parts of the human body (physically) as well as metaphysically. Not only does this EMF give off energy, but it also absorbs it. Energy can also be called vibration and everything has a level at which it vibrates (with the right equipment, energy can be gauged by a measure of electromagnetic units). In that vibration, empaths can infer data through their own internal communication system of interpretation (language) through clairsentience, the ability to clearly feel.

The majority of empaths don’t even know they are empathic, and are picking up information from outside of themselves, and therefore take on those vibrations as their own. That has both positive and negative effects, as you can imagine.

So how can empaths avoid taking on vibes that aren’t theirs?

Now, there are many tools out there that people can use like sage, crystal grids, palo santo, essential oils, etc., but in order for any of those tools or rituals to work, you still really need to use YOU! You are the lowest common denominator, whether you want to get ‘woo woo airy fairy’ or if you’re just a practical person who doesn’t use tools, it’s still about you. And that doesn’t cost any money!

The question you need to ask yourself is ‘What do I want? What will I tolerate?’ Most people truly just want to have peace and happiness, but allow non-peace and non-happiness into their lives. When you are extremely sure of what you want, you don’t allow for anything else. That’s a boundary. You’re the one to set it and get it. That goes for metaphysical practice, and/or just day to day living. You get what you tolerate; ESPECIALLY if you’re an empath because you’re getting everyone else’s non-peace or non-happiness as well. Don’t we have enough of just our own?

Since we’re electromagnetic beings we repel or attract these energetic vibrations, so we MUST protect ourselves at the fundamental baseline without our tools, THEN we can add our tools in (if we are woo woo airy fairy folks).

Here’s how to go about gaining your fundamental baseline. First, you have to believe (according to Abraham Hicks a belief is just a thought you think over and over.) that there is no reason for you to attract ANY negativity. You truly believe that you don’t need it. As a psychic medium, I deal with varying energies and I am of the belief that no negative or ‘evil’ entities will come my way because I simply won’t allow it. I truly believe down to my core that as a light worker, I’m at a level of high protection since I’ve got a job to do, and negativity will impede my ability to do that work. It won’t happen because I won’t allow it to happen.

Next, you have to be convinced it won’t happen! Your space is YOUR SPACE. No one and nothing can enter it unless it’s with your permission. You can use visualization to create a protective box around you that is impenetrable. As an example, mine is a plexiglass box which is bullet proof. I imagine, picture, think, and FEEL as if I’m encapsulated in this shatter proof box that is clean and clear so I can see out of it. I’m in complete control when I’m in that box. I let in or out anyone or anything I see that is deemed fit enough to step inside. As you believe more and more, your conviction grows deeper. And what you begin to notice is that your spirit team starts to orchestrate situations for you to experience the possibility of negativity arising (not necessarily with evil entities, just to clear that up, I’m talking about day to day negativities that we all encounter) and suddenly you’ve somehow acquired the grace to react to negativity in a manner that literally has no effect on you. That negative experience or person, or whatever, bounces off and away from you. AND YOU CAN SEE IT HAPPEN, right before your eyes.

Eventually, and it happens all on its own, you start to experience more high quality, pleasurable experiences that create wonderful meaning for you. It is that simple (I know that right now you’re saying to yourself ‘Yeah right, Terrie.’). I know this because I do it and live it myself.

Of course, we’re all wearing our Earth suits, and being human is the hardest thing to do, so yes there will be times your energy will be lower than normal, and it will be so enticing to be flexible with your boundary. If that happens, chalk it up to experience, replenish that energy, and get back at creating that strict boundary.

In my classes, I teach just how important it is to set that boundary and not let negativity in as an option when doing metaphysical work. This theory needs to be applied to the ‘muggle’ part of you as well. Setting boundaries shows your body, mind, and soul it’s being respected and will be taken care of spiritually and emotionally creating safety. Think about it…if you kept getting a phone call from someone at 3am waking you up, wouldn’t you say to them ‘Hey, can you please call me at 7pm instead of 3am? I’m not saying don’t call me, I’m just asking if you can call me at a more reasonable hour so I don’t get woken up from a deep sleep every night.’

Boundaries can be fabulous! The best part, is that within them, you have all of the freedom in the world to do whatever it is you want to do. Now doesn’t that sound divine!

– Terrie Huberman is a spiritual consultant who is a psychic medium and intuitive coach and whose guidance is always given with compassion, authenticity, and a side of humor. She has been publicly tested and validated and is continuously tutored by teachers from the Arthur Findlay College in England. She does private consultation, demonstrates publicly in gallery style readings, teaches classes, and is available for private and corporate events

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