RAINBOW FLUORITE (a mixture of Green and Purple): Stone of Divine Order · Intuition · Balance · Purpose · Great for: supporting the safe release of grief and trauma and neutralizing negative emotional energy from the system, stabilizing the aura, for bringing order, clarity and calm to confused or chaotic mental energy and inner storms, bringing order and clarity to chaos, harshness and scattered energy in the environment, for decision-making and feeling able to move forward, for balance and coordination, for overcoming shyness. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may support immune system, the regeneration of DNA, cellular restructuring and tissue repair, healing of ulcers, skin, respiratory system, hormonal and endocrine system, bones, spine, rheumatism, arthritis, shingles, nerve pain. Chakras: Heart (4th), Third Eye (6th) and Crown (7th).

RAINBOW MOONSTONE: Stone Of The Goddess. Intuition · Cycles · Divine Feminine · Great for: intuition, introspection, receptivity, vision and clairvoyance, awareness of change, cycles and renewal, connecting with symbols, synchronicities, the moon, divine inspiration and the divine feminine, soothing fears and anxieties.

RAINBOW OBSIDIAN: Stone of Heart Healing · Protection · Catharsis · Clearing · One of the gentler obsidians. Great for: auric shielding, grounding and centering, spiritual evolution and alchemizing flaws into strengths, cutting cords and gently releasing energetic hooks from the heart, self-esteem, replenishing heart energy, absorbing negative energy, past-life healing.

RED AVENTURINE (aka AVENTURESENCE): Stone of Fearlessness · Action · Manifestation · Creativity · Great for: remediating feelings of lethargy, despondency, disconnect, low vitality and fear; renewing motivation & confidence in bringing one’s goals, project & desires into reality; boosting vitality and perseverance through any challenge, grounded drive and ability to build one brick at a time without giving up, imparting enthusiasm, commitment, devotion, confidence and good humor. Purported Physical & Mental Healing Properties: may aid red blood cell production and bone marrow health, may support healthy heartbeat, irregular heartbeat, circulation and blood pressure – especially low blood pressure, hemophilia, may help lower cholesterol, boost immune system and support healing of autoimmune disorders like arthritis and others, may stimulate metabolism and relieve side effects of radiation therapy, may assist in healing sexual disorders and sexually transmitted infections of all kinds. Chakras: Root (1st), Sacral (2nd). 


RED CALCITE: Stone of Vigor. Energy · Boundaries · Grounding · Great for: energizing and balancing base chakras and overall aura, removing blockages and releasing energy leaks, maintaining healthy boundaries, honoring and embodying your truth, flushing stagnant energy out with new life force energy, regaining the energy to move forward.

RED JASPER: Stone of Empowerment · Nurturing · Grounding · Protection · Great for: strengthening resolve in difficult situations, emotional stability, keeping boundaries, warding off threat, promoting inner peace and authority, boosting stamina, sexual healing, high achievement, justice, grounding, calming, gentle and soothing earth connection.

RED QUARTZ: Stone Of Stimulation. Energy · Vitality · Passion · Great for: relieving anxiety, strengthening heart, making decisions, dispelling depression, imparting hope, healing, unconditional love. 

RED TIGER’S EYE: Stone of Purpose · Confidence · Libido · Grounding · Great for: overcoming lethargy, energizing the body and spirit, speeding up sluggish metabolism, increasing passion and sex drive, getting unstuck, enhancing flow of Qi, motivation and forward movement, creativity, channeling spiritual energy through and into the physical, grounding to earth, taking care of primal survival needs, protection.

RHODOCHROSITE: Stone of Compassion · Cheer · Empowerment · Creativity · Great for: healing the inner child, soothing anxiety, overcoming self doubt and feelings of rejection, expressing feelings, developing will and self trust, emotional release, compassion, lightening up, selfless love, expanding consciousness and seeing higher and more loving viewpoints, innovation, passion and sexuality, attracting a soulmate, healing and connecting with Mother Earth, strengthening family connection, empowering and supporting children and caregivers, seeing the truth about people, passion and spontaneity.


RHODONITE: Stone of Self Worth · Acceptance · Compassion · Appreciation · Great for: self esteem, self acceptance, self worth, self love and love of all kinds, emotional balance and support, healing grief, shock, trauma, betrayal and abandonment wounds in the heart center, working through family wounds, altruism, inspired sharing and understanding the points of view of others, aligning with right purpose and path.

RHYOLITE: Stone Of Resolution. Creativity · Strength · Acceptance · Great for: determination, confrontation, goals, finding one’s right path, balancing feminine and masculine energies, releasing anxiety, past life healing, transmuting distractions.


ROSE CALCITE: Stone of Emotional Reset · Love · Forgiveness · Letting Go · Great for: drawing and absorbing sadness, sorrow, grief and anger from the heart space; a balm for anger and rage, imparting compassion, peace and serenity. Reconciling change, self-forgiveness, release and moving on. Distance healing.

ROSE QUARTZ: The Love Stone · Affection · Unconditional Love · Bonding · The most classic love stone. Great for: unconditional love of all kinds – self-love, romance and relationships, friendship and family, community and universal love; empathy, compassion and forgiveness, releasing jealousy, softening and warming of the heart, harmony, trust, sweetness, grace; balance of giving and receiving. In addition to being a go-to stone for romantic connection and relationships, Rose Quartz is a powerful stone for self-love, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. Chakra: Heart (4th).

RUBY: Stone of Passion. Devotion · Courage · Generosity · Great for: amplifying Chi or Prana, inspiration and motivation, confidence, leadership, happiness, laughter and joy, encouraging honesty and sensuality, honor and nobility, loyalty, integrity, grounding, connecting to physical world and physical power, prosperity,  materialization and building wealth for self and others, passion, spontaneity and generosity, shielding against energetic vampires.

RUBY IN FELDSPAR: Stone Of Support. Strength · Courage · Insight · Great for: seeing the true nature of love, encouraging strength, finding new paths in life.

RUBY FUCHSITE: Stone of Nourishing · Support · Grace · Strength · Combines the vibrations of both Ruby and Fuchsite, but the combination creates a stone with properties that are greater than the sum of its parts. Great for: emotional support, heart opening and balancing, graceful grounding, kindness, true connection and friendship, strength that comes from a place of softness and love, softness that is bolstered by self-esteem, self-worth, inner confidence and self love (compassionate boundaries), great for kindredness, peace with passion, courage and balanced vitality, self respect, honoring and joyful owning of one’s uniqueness, releasing guilt and negative emotional states for positive new outlooks and possibilities. Chakras: Root (1st) & Heart (4th).

RUBY IN KYANITE: Stone Of Manifestation. Support · Clarity · Motivation · Great for: channeling, birthing and grounding inspired energy into physical reality. Shielding from negative or unwanted energy. 

RUBY IN ZOISITE (aka ANYOLITE): Stone Of Exuberance. Vibrance · Health · Fruitfulness · Great for: overall life force energy and healing, overcoming low-vitality, low-potency ailments and depression. Spiritual awakening and discovery, courage, strength, passion and joy, heart-opening, awareness of individuality, accessing memory, past-life work, processing grief, mourning and loss. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may boost physical vitality and health overall, may aid sexual and reproductive health, fertility, impotence, virility, heart health, blood health and circulation. Chakras: Root / Base (1st), Heart (4th), Third Eye (6th).

RUTILATED QUARTZ: Stone of Illumination. Protection · Forgiveness · Solutions · Great for: grounding, forgiving and releasing the past, getting new energy flowing in a clear new direction; vitality, virility and fertility, neutralizing darkness and uplifting mood and state of mind, calming and neutralizing fear, anxiety and phobias, attracting and stabilizing relationships, deflecting unwanted energies, reaching understanding in difficult situations, mental focus and resolve, clarifying thought patterns, easing loneliness.

RUTILE (aka RED SCHORL, ANGEL HAIR): Stone of Stimulation. Clearing · Manifestation · Divine Order · Great for: emotional stability, mental and energetic balancing, overall protection, energetic clearing, removing energetic blockages, restoring energetic flow and recharging the energy field; enhancement, amplification and acceleration of intentions and other energies (amplification is neutral so leave this one be until you’re feeling relatively good), out-of-body journeying, connecting with the angelic realm, getting directly to the root of a problem, healing psychosomatic disease and pinpointing karmic causes of chronic illnesses.