REMOTE READINGS AND HEALINGS: How Liberate is Here to Help You During COVID-19

Uncertainty. Social distancing. Pandemic. These are the world’s current buzz words. These words hold fear, dissociation, isolation, along with physical and emotional stress over us. Regardless of the connotations and how the media covers them, nothing can hold power over us. There is hope, comfort, and healing through the power of intention, mindfulness, guidance and energy transmission. Here at Liberate Hollywood and Emporium, we are offering intuitive readings, energy healings, hypnotherapy and meditations from the comfort of your home. And guess what? They’re just as powerful as in-person services!

Q: How do remote readings and healings work?

When it comes to our practitioners at Liberate Hollywood and Emporium, they all have the gift and practice of this transformational intention. Whether it’s seeing a client over Zoom, hearing a client’s voice over the phone, or tapping into a client’s energy field from their own, an energy exchange is happening. The client’s atoms are responding and changing to the practitioner’s frequency. This energy exchange happens when you’re physically in the same room or across the country.

Remember the Big Bang Theory? The universe, galaxy, solar system, planets — we are all made of the same energy! All of our atoms and cells respond to different frequencies from a mother’s love, from physical touch, the weather, music, and to our own thoughts. This energy is undeniable and when it is exchanged with intention, it’s transformational.

Q: What remote services does Liberate offer?

At Liberate we are offering intuitive and psychic readings, tarot and oracle card readings, Akashic Records readings, energy healings such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, Soul Retrieval and breathwork. We also offer intuitive coaching, and hypnotherapy. All of our practitioners have experience working remotely.

This isn’t our first rodeo! And now during these quarantining times, our practitioners will be available daily for whatever service you need. Take a look at our practitioners and their bios on our website to see who is the right match for you. Whether you’re seeking peace, solace, guidance, direction, a change, or healing, Liberate has your back from the safety of your home.

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