Everything I do is 100% geared towards helping you transform and feel empowered in your spiritual journey and daily life.

Your unique design is beautiful and powerful, and I am here to help you claim that power and shed the programming from society, parents, friends, lovers, etc. that made you feel otherwise. 

I am a powerful predictive psychic medium who has been practicing over multiple lifetimes and I love helping you find clarity in this lifetime within the Akashic records.
In energy healings, I work with sound, crystal, multi-modalities, and my alien guides to undo generations of energetic blocks and help you feel comfortable in your body again. 
I have also worked with clients for long term trauma healing where I employ my psychic abilities, energy healing, and trauma informed therapy priciples (like IFS) to quickly pinpoint your blocks/traumas heal you gently move through them, and teach you new coping mechanisms you can take with you throughout your everyday life.

I am a 3/5 Manifesting Generator and a Cancer sun/Aries moon/ Sagittarius rising!