“I am your portal to the unknown, helping you feel safe to transform from the programs of your past and feel empowered to live your life on your own terms. You have all the answers and know exactly what you need, I am just here to pick up on the patterns and provide the guidance you need to sink deep into your authentic self.” – Riv

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Riv Sachartoff (they/them) is a queer, non-binary, Jewish mystic who is obsessed with all things occult and empowerment. A little over 3 years ago Riv discovered they had the ability to be a psychic medium and all these doors to their childhood fascinations unlocked. Since then, Riv has become Reiki certified and found their unique energy practice that blends together light language, quantum touch, and reiki. In addition they have been able to take their psychic abilities to the next level with Akashic records and channeling aliens. Riv works closely with their inner child and alien guides to help people find greater self acceptance for themselves, connect deeply to their body and the world around them, and unlock their intuitive abilities. Riv specializes in trauma healing, psychic coaching, mediumship, and energy healing.  

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