Karmic/Love Relationships, Inner Child Healing, Self Love & Acceptance, Past Life/Ancestral Wound/Karmic Lesson Healing, Developing Healthy Coping Mechanisms, Trauma Healing

Tarot, Akashic Records, Channeling, Clairsentient/Clairaudient/Claircognizant & Clairvoyant Abilities, Natal/Transit Chart Readings, Human Design, Somatic Therapy, Spirit Guide/Ancestral Communication, Mediumship, Reiki/Quantum Touch/Sound/Crystal Healing

Everything I do is 100% geared towards helping you transform and feel empowered in your spiritual journey and daily life.

Your unique design is beautiful and powerful, and I am here to help you claim that power and shed the programming from society, parents, friends, lovers, etc. that made you feel otherwise. 

I am a powerful predictive psychic medium who has been practicing over multiple lifetimes and I love helping you find clarity in this lifetime within the Akashic records.

In energy healings, I work with sound, crystal, multi-modalities, and my alien guides to undo generations of energetic blocks and help you feel comfortable in your body again. 

My favorite thing to do in this world is to guide clients to huge life shifts via long term trauma healing and inner child healing. In these sessions I employ my psychic abilities, energy healing, and trauma informed therapy priciples (like IFS) to quickly pinpoint your blocks/traumas heal you gently move through them, and teach you new coping mechanisms you can take with you throughout your everyday life.

I am a 3/5 Manifesting Generator and a Cancer sun/Aries moon/ Sagittarius rising! I absolutely love giving astrology and human design readings because they are a huge source of understanding and self acceptance for clients. These readings can reveal why your whole life has been the way it is, how you are cosmically designed, and how you can best use your magical abilities for greater ease and love in this lifetime.