Sera's Bio

Sera Beth Timms works as a conduit to the illuminating intelligences of Tarot, Astrology, Sound Healing, and Usui Reiki which activate the heart, mind and body’s natural ability to transform, heal, and thrive.

She began her path into the world of clairvoyance and healing early on in college studying art, creating art and music, and observing the symbolism of the human experience and its layered psychic processes revealed through artistic expression. The natural progression of studying symbolic art, dream imagery and the nature of light led straight into Tarot.

Sera’s read professionally at House of Intuition (L.A.) Liberate Emporium (L.A.), Bodhi Spa & Yoga (Hudson NY) as well as at parties ranging from Netflix to the next door neighbor’s birthday.

She aims to serve as guardian, guide, and teacher. Ultimately she sees herself as merely a vehicle for the unified higher intelligence we all share to flow through to whoever may need it.

She is also an active artist in the fields of Music and Video.