SPRING EQUINOX | Massive Release… Huge New Blessings

March 19th, at 9:31 PM (PST) marks the beginning of Spring. This special day is the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator and is one of the most powerful and sacred times of the year. As the beginning of the cardinal fire sign Aries, this pioneering energy is the heat that thaws the winter, and it is the courageous warrior spirit that drives us forward into a new cycle. For the next few days we are still swimming in misty Pisces energy, which is the end of winter and the time to release all that needs to go in order to make room for the new dream. With 5 planets in Pisces at the moment and a recent solar eclipse in the sign (at the new moon on March 8th), massive shifting is underway… ready or not. Maybe you can feel it already? It’s okay to let go. This full moon lunar eclipse on March 23rd at 3° Libra will support further release, but it will also usher in big new blessings.

Massive shifting is underway… ready or not.

In the Christian tradition, it is also Palm Sunday which is the threshold to Holy Week where we are spiritually more aligned with Source – a week in which you can commune with your Spirit and give thanks for the many blessings in your life.

We suggest you plant new seeds of love, healing and success for your future. Begin new projects and create a new consciousness. Prepare for the manifestation of your desires. Draw a bath, light a candle, write down your intentions and put this other-worldly Pisces energy to work imagining your beautiful new dream.

At Liberate Emporium our goal is to assist you in your growth and personal transformation. Starting today through Monday, March 20th we are offering a FREE melange of Authenticated & Certified Organic Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, French Grey Salt & Epsom Salt with a one-hour Energy Healing.

Let us help you to remove the blocks that are keeping you from stepping into your power, and go home with a powerful and relaxing way to further support the releasing process for your beautiful new beginning.

Spring Blessings to you All!

With Love,

The Liberate Emporium Team

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