TANGERINE QUARTZ: Stone of Joyfulness. Exuberance · Creation · Curiosity · Resonates strongly with the sacral chakra. Great for: healing sexual dysfunction, promoting creativity, releasing the inner child, bringing in new energy, playfulness, lightheartedness, soul retrieval, healing psychic attack, teaching blance between giving and receiving, healing trauma.


TANZINE AURA QUARTZ: Stone of Spiritual Insight. Intuition · Trust · Communication · Infused with pure gold. Great for: mental purification and liberation, understanding the wonders on all planes of life, activating the third eye (intuition, vision and psychic senses) and crown chakras (spiritual connection, higher purpose), increasing clarity and trust, protection from negativity.

TEKTITE: Stone of Cosmic Consciousness. Synchronicity · Luck · Protection · Great for: raising vibration, clearing lower chakras, activating upper chakras, increasing psychic sensitivity and ability, igniting our inner fire, higher purpose & sense of wholeness. NOTE: Tektites are stones of molten glass that formed as a result of meteors or extraterrestrial material colliding with earth.

TERAHERTZ*: Stone of Health. Revitalizing · Detoxification · Protection · Great for: protection against electromagnetic smog and radiation, clearing and energizing the mind, chakras and physical body, speeding up development skills, 

TIBETAN QUARTZ: Stone of Enlightenment. Evolution · Courage · Cleansing · Great for: finding your center and the present moment, accessing the akashic records and spiritual truths, attuning to the esoteric knowledge of Tibet, easing worry, removing emotional/mental patterns, practicing non-attachment, purification, energetic cleansing, grounding and psychic protection, cultivating divine health.


TIGER’S EYE: Stone of Protection. Courage · Sensibility · Grounding · Great for: inner strength and confidence, conquering fear of failure, supporting mental balance and wellness, reducing anxiety, boosting self-worth, unblocking creativity, accomplishing goals.

TIGER’S EYE, BLUE (aka HAWK’S EYE): Stone of Temperance · Calming · Cooling · Relief · Great for: emotional balance, decompressing from stress, for cooling tempers and releasing anger, rage and fiery emotion, cooling overactive sex drive and sexual frustration, balancing excessive or toxic masculine energy, for soothing anxiety and racing thoughts, clear insight in confusion or hidden situations, communication, speaking your truth, public speaking, overcoming fears and phobias, relaxing and releasing, going with the flow, releasing fear of flying (connected with the Hawk), overall protection, psychic and intuitive development. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may aid overactive metabolism, fatigue, eyes, psychosomatic disease, mood swings, male reproductive health, bones.


TIGER’S EYE, RED: Stone of Purpose · Confidence · Libido · Grounding · Great for: overcoming lethargy, energizing the body and spirit, speeding up sluggish metabolism, increasing passion and sex drive, getting unstuck, enhancing flow of Qi, motivation and forward movement, creativity, channeling spiritual energy through and into the physical, grounding to earth, taking care of primal survival needs, protection.






TOURMALINE, BLACK (aka SCHORL): Stone of Psychic Protection · Cleansing · Grounding · Protection · Black Tourmaline absorbs energy easily and must be cleansed regularly. It can also hold an electrical charge when you heat or rub it. Great for: empaths and sensitives, auric shielding, protection from psychic attack and energy vampires, protection from electromagnetic smog and radiation, for purification, clearing, cleansing, absorbing and neutralizing negative energy, entities, thoughtforms and energy blockages, for steadying, grounding and feeling safe, for releasing fear, anger, rage and feelings of powerlessness, for releasing negative thoughts and feelings about yourself, especially unworthiness, for calming scattered energy, supporting logic and rational thinking, lifting mood, self-empowerment. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may aid in calming anxiety, paranoia and panic attacks, overcoming phobias, easing depression, self-harming, obsessive thoughts and compulsions, may aid dyslexia, detoxification from heavy metals, poisons and environmental toxins, overcoming addiction and substance abuse, may aid weight loss, bloating and inflammation, boosting immune system, hemispheric brain balance, lung health, spinal health and alignment, muscles and tissue regeneration, healing scars, arthritis, adrenal glands, gastrointestinal health and elimination disorders.

TOURMALINE, BLUE (aka INDICOLITE): Stone of Psychic Mediumship · Clairvoyance · Communication · Service · Great for: enhancing psychic and intuitive sensitivity, channeling and spiritual communications, honest expression, love of truth, supporting inner morals and ethical life choices, calming and stilling the mind, finding a state of tranquility and alignment.


TOURMALINE, GREEN (aka VERDALITE): Stone of Nourishment · Growth · Life Force · Love · Great for: healing and growth of all kinds, rejuvenating and and restoring energy after depletion, connecting with the energy of vitality and lushness, aligning with the vibrations of happiness, joy, prosperity and abundance, for love and nurturing of all kinds but especially a love of life, connecting with nature, nature spirits and the vital life force of Mother Earth, clearing and purifying your energy.

TOURMALINE, PINK: Stone of Receptivity. Love · Compassion · Trust · Great for: attracting love in both the material and spiritual worlds, inspiring understanding, empathy, caring, happiness, generosity and trust in love; soothes the heart of heartache, depression, despair and despondency, opens the heart and consciousness to light, goodness and dreams of new futures. NOTE: Pink Tourmaline has a high Lithium content, inbuing it with Lithium’s mental health, wellness and balance properties in addition to it’s heart-opening properties.

TOURMALINE, WATERMELON: Stone of Heart Opening. Connection · Creativity · Balance · Great for: clearing energetic and emotional blockages, transmuting pain and guilt caused by conflicts, activating love, joy and creativity, fostering empathy, compassion and diplomacy, supporting friendships, love connections, connection to innermost self, self-love and appreciation.

TREE AGATE (aka DENDRITIC AGATE): Stone of Nature · Abundance · Stability · Earth Energy · Great for: success in business, agricultural and gardening endeavors, an excellent stone for plants and trees of all kinds and can be gridded around a growing or gardening area, grounding and connecting to the earth and the nurturing energy of nature, feeling safe and secure in the midst of challenging of situations, for overcoming emotional strain, anger and bitterness, for enhancing strength, composure, restoring vitality, balance, calm and inner peace, patience, releasing inner blockages and limiting beliefs, maturity and positive behavioral changes, stability, anchoring into your roots which support your growth, strengthening family bonds and connections, faithfulness and fidelity, for prosperity and abundance, positive outlook and viewing challenges as opportunities, for support during pregnancy, protection while traveling. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may support immune system, nervous system, neurological disorders and ailments, breastfeeding, heart health, digestive system, eyes, stomach, uterus, intestines, healing of circulatory and skeletal systems, back pain, blood vessels, neuralgia, gastritis, fever, skin disorders, epilepsy, relief from physical pain, postpartum depression, sleepwalking. Chakras: Root/Base (1st), Heart (4th).


TRILOBITE FOSSIL: Stone of Perseverance. Leadership · Patience · Longevity · Great for: healing and transformation of wounds, strength, intuitive wisdom, management, longterm vision, strategy and endurance.





TURQUOISE: Stone of Self-Realization. Wisdom · Spirit World · Protection · Great for: spiritual attunement, balancing masculine and feminine energies, connecting the heart and throat centers, facilitating clear, powerful, heart-centered communication, self-realization, bridging the gap between the material and spiritual world, enhancing psychic senses, divination and prophecy.

TURQUOISE, AFRICAN: Stone of Evolution. Encouragement · Prosperity · Balance · Great for: opening the mind, supporting life transitions and ability to move through change, easing mood swings.


TV STONE (aka ULEXITE): Stone of Revelation · Psychic Seeing · Intuition · Creativity · Great for: artistic inspiration, clarification, imagination, accurate perception, supporting both metaphysical and physical vision, clairvoyance, clairsentience, telepathy, channeling, remote viewing and reading others’ energy, recovering from brainwashing, connecting with higher realms.