The Benefits of Breathwork

Something we just don’t think about much from day to day is, of course, breathing. Until you deliberately turn your attention to it, your breath is an automatic process of inhaling oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide.

So, what are the benefits of breathwork and that (sometimes boring) advice we get to “pay attention to your breath”?

Jay Bradley, a breathwork practitioner and healer who leads one of our most popular classes (Breathwork and Ho’oponopono Meditation, Saturdays & Tuesdays at Liberate Hollywood!) says, “the way we breathe day to day makes all the difference in the world. Becoming aware of your breathing and learning how to use it as a tool will radically improve your physical health, mental well-being and performance in anything that you do.”

People who practice breathwork tend to experience the following:

– positive self-development

– immune system boost

– helps with processing emotions

– can help heal emotional pain and trauma

increase self-awareness

– enrich creativity

– improve personal and professional relationships

– increase joy and happiness

– help you overcome addictions

– reduce stress and anxiety levels

– release negative thoughts

Head to our online calendar to see the variety of breathwork classes we have at Liberate, and see how the simple act of paying attention to your breath might be just the solution you were searching for.

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