The Best Crystals for Getting Through Mercury Retrograde

Yes, it’s true. Another Mercury Retrograde is upon us. From yesterday, February 16 until March 9, the planet of communication will appear to be traveling backwards from our vantage point here on Earth. It doesn’t deserve quite the bad rap it’s gotten over the years, but it does seem to amplify miscommunications and cause delays that we as humans deem annoying and unnecessary.

But it can also be a good time to go back and finish something you’ve started prior, get in touch with a friend you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while, or even just pick up a book you’ve been meaning to read for ages. Most astrologers warn against securing travel plans while Mercury is retrograde, as well as signing important documents or updating your technology. If you can wait until mid-March for things of this matter, by all means do! If not, here are some stones to help take the edge off.

The Best Crystals for Mercury Retrograde

1. Amazonite

Known as the “stone of truth,” Amazonite gives you the clarity and freedom to express your true thoughts and feelings without inhibition. If you have inner conflicts, it will help you bring them to the surface to be aired out and cleared (a very Mercury retrograde thing to do). It’s also been known to help with overcoming loneliness, as well as protecting against electromagnetic pollution!

2. Black Obsidian

An all-around excellent protective stone, Black Obsidian is a stone of strength that helps with clarity and detoxification. Helping you to express blocked grief (not fun, but necessary), it will help you come back to your true power by healing the things you’d rather not look at. As a result, it brings compassion for yourself and others.

3. Fluorite

Known by many as the “genius stone,” Fluorite will help you generate ideas, as well as instill the confidence and focus to go back and finish the ones you’ve started. It is a vacuum sucker for negative energy that’s dormant within you (or any physical space), helping to dissipate weird vibes. It clears mental chatter and helps you to cut through the fog of your mind.

4. Red Jasper

Overall, Red Jasper is known to be very protective and grounding. It has a very nurturing energy and gives support during times of stress. All types of Jasper are very anchoring, helping you come into alignment with your true self and desires. Especially during a Mercury Retrograde, this stone can also help with organization and clarity.

5. Honey Calcite

Last but not least, Honey Calcite is an excellent stone for learning to relax and surrender to the Universe—always a good thing, but especially needed during a retrograde! Its uplifting and nurturing vibe will help you get more clear on your next steps and what’s right for you, as well as encouraging you to take responsibility. It’s also been known to help clear your mind so you can better see (and ask for) what you need.

Hang in there, and use this Mercury Retrograde to your benefit!