The Metaphysical Properties of Evergreens

Evergreens are inherently healing & magical. Their beauty, life force and vitality is effortless and strong in the coldest, darkest and longest of winters. Everyone can sense this…who hasn’t enjoyed a long, deep inhale in the middle of an evergreen forest (or a Christmastime living room)? Invigorating, stimulating, purifying and grounding all at once.

Christmas Trees have Pagan roots as Yule Trees decorated at the Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year marking the return of the Sun.

Evergreens weave together the magic of Yule & the Winter Solstice (Celtic Spirituality and the Wheel of the Year), the magic of Nature, and the spirit of Christ Consciousness, grace & unconditional love. And for those who us raised with Christmas, evergreens connect us with the enchantment of magic of childhood possibility.

Speaking of Magic, evergreens have powerful healing and metaphysical properties. They can be used to cleanse & clear energy and also as vibrational support in Ritual Magick.

FIR  ||  Immortality, Regeneration, Empowerment, Strength, Grounding, Action, Ancestral Connection, Past Life Connection, Childbirth Blessing & Protection, Energy Clearing & Blessing, Shadow Work

PINE  ||  The Divine Child, Prosperity, Purification & Blessing, Fertility, Vitality, Vigor, Longevity, Health, Healing, Immunity, Protection, Forgiveness, Commitment, Enduring Love, Divination

SPRUCE  ||  Endurance, Resilience, Follow-Through, Ancient Wisdom, Goddess Energy, Mother Earth, Spiritual Renewal, Healing, Protection, Purification

CEDAR  ||  Liberation, Freedom, Breakthroughs, Clarity, Focus, Blessing, Sanctification, Strength, Wisdom

HOLLY  ||  Life Force, Merriment, Joy, Protection, Victory, Faerie Connection

ORANGE  ||  Happiness, Cheer, Brightness, Partnership, Sweetness

MISTLETOE  ||  Love, Chemistry, Sexual Potency, Fertility, Enchantment, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Home Protection, Restoring Health, Protection from Illness, Peace

So bring on the lights, the decorations, the baked goods, the merriment, the generosity of Spirit and the Joy!

Paul Jacek, Kimberlie Eddie and Rebekah Muir (the author of this post!) are hosting a Holiday Magick Ceremony at Liberate Hollywood in celebration of Yule, The Winter Solstice & Christmas!

When: Saturday, December 21st, 7:00-9:30pm

– There WILL be Yule Cake!
– There will be Candle & Evergreen Magick to celebrate Light & Eternal Life!

– There will be a brief Astrological guide on navigating the upcoming Eclipses, the first of which is happening on Christmas Day
– There will be a powerful Reiki Healing & Meditation on Grace & The Light of your North Star
– There will be the telling of the Christmas Story from a metaphysical perspective
– There will be Merriment & LOVE

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