The Truth Heals: A Look at the Akashic Records with Reader Helen Vonderheide

In the realm of spiritual and intuitive readings, you may have already heard of the Akashic Records. The term itself has a fascinating quality, with many definitions linking it to the Tree of Life and the ultimate source of knowledge regarding all souls’ paths here on earth. Helen Vonderheide, one of our readers here at Liberate, is an elite certified reader who’s been doing readings now for several years. I had the chance to sit down and talk with her recently about the Records and what it all means, plus get my own mini reading. Here’s what I learned.

How would you describe the Akashic Records to someone who’s never heard of them?

The first thing to know is the word Akashic comes from a Sanskrit word, Akasha, which means primary substance out of which all things are formed. So Akasha is simply an energy field, and it’s spherical. And anytime that we have a thought, action or a feeling, it registers an impression in this field. It’s an energetic field around earth. And it’s alive, present and available to us at all times. And then the Akashic Records are the vibrational record of a soul in its journey. But basically, we use the Akashic field as a resource for development, growth, clarity, direction, guidance, wisdom, insight, all those good things. I’m clairaudient, so I hear the messages. And there’s a few ways that people receive the records. The first way is a sense of knowing, which feels like your intuition and that’s 85% of how people receive it. 10% is visuals and 5% is audio, so I hear them.

Can we tap into it to see if, for example, we’re dating the wrong person?

Yes and I’ll give you an example of that. I was in a relationship and it was just having a hard time coming together. It was like, 3 years of this on and off nonsense and that’s about the same time I came to the Records and had my first meeting. And I asked, “What is the deal with this relationship?” And they said, “This relationship is lesson-specific, and your lesson is to learn to let go.” And the moment they said that I thought, “That’s it? I’m letting go of this person right now!” I wasn’t aware of the “lessons” I was learning.

What do you think about the nature of time? Because the more I read about time and how there’s no real proof of it, the more it seems like there’s just this ever-present “now” that spreads out in every direction. Is that why it’s possible to tap into this conscious knowledge of everything that’s happened or going to, because it’s almost like it already has?

It has. And I’ll explain what I mean by that. Coming back to Akasha as this spherical energy field, there is nothing linear about this. So there is no time; it doesn’t exist in the Records. Time is spherical in the Records and here on Earth it’s linear. So if there’s something we want to attain, for example, a romantic relationship and we’re asking, “When am I going to meet my soulmate?” The answer you’ll get from the Records will be something like, “After you forgive your sister and clean out the garage.” So what they see is the energy that’s blocking you from having whatever it is that you want, and then they bring to your awareness what you need to address and do, so that you can essentially open yourself up to receive whatever it is that you want. It’s always energy first.

Are you able to tap into any person’s records, like could you look at George Washington, or do you have to be sitting and talking with that person?

There are some guidelines around working in the Records. When it comes to reading for another person you always have to obtain his/her permission; the next thing is that you can’t read the Records of a deceased or unconscious person. So, George Washington for example is deceased. However, if someone was curious to open up his Records, then they have a soul connection to that individual, and that individual is gonna be in their own Records. So you open up your own Records and you ask about George Washington. If you feel drawn or there’s a resonance to someone that’s a little well known, you have a soul connection with them and they’ll be in your Records. So if someone gives me their permission, I can absolutely read that person hands down.

One of my worst fears is making a “mistake” that could change my fate around, especially when it comes to relationships. I always think about that moment on Sex and the City when Carrie asks, “Can you make a mistake and miss your fate?” What do we need to know about that?

So coming back to the subject of time in the Records, the idea is that you are not missing that chance for fate. It’s gonna come back around. It may look different. There’s two parts to every Record. The soul blueprint, which is the lessons and themes that a soul is here to learn, experience, evolve and grow from; and the second part is the chronicles of you, which is your free will and choice. That is the story of the soul as it’s come into awareness of itself.

So we have these lessons and themes that are fixed and permanent, and then we have the chronicles of you which is free will and choice. So you experience whatever there is to experience, your free will and choice, and then what happens is the lesson—whatever is meant to be learned—it allows you to ascend or if you didn’t learn your lesson, you just move lateral and you attract a new experience with the same theme.

So, I always tell clients and students that we need to be aware of the lessons. Always. What is the lesson, what am I learning, how can I move closer to the desires that I want. Another thing I learned working in the Records is not being attached. And the reason I share that is because, from the perspective of the Akashic Records, all they see is energy and vibration. And so, what they see is the multiple individuals or souls that are available in some capacity, that at some point in time will match what you need as you evolve and grow. So they’re never like, “Oh, this person is The One.” What they actually say is, “You are one. We are all one.” So their understanding of “The One” is like, “We’re all One.”From their perspective, to feel that some “One” could fulfill everything that you are looking for would actually be a limiting belief.

Yeah, it would. And I also think that it’s more powerful to consciously commit to something because you know what your values are.

Right. So here’s another thing. The perspective of “soulmates” from the Akashic Records is actually just your soul group, like your soul family. That can be a best friend, it can be a business partner, your boss, whatever the case may be. And so what they talk about in terms of romantic partnership is referred to as “life partnership” or “romantic partnership” instead of “soulmate” because soulmates can have so many different roles in your life.

What’s your perspective on how much we co-create our reality with the universe, and how much certain things in our path are predestined?

So coming back to the two parts of every Records, it comes back to the themes and the lessons and then also the free will and choice. But what’s so amazing about the Akashic Records now being available to humanity is that we can actually co-create from the soul blueprint. So, we’re not necessarily destined to be poor or destined to not have a healthy sustainable romantic relationship in this lifetime. We continually need to come back to whatever it is that we’re learning and what those themes are, and then as long as we’re growing, we’ll obtain whatever it is we want.

It’s like different routes up a mountain. You’re gonna get to the top of the mountain at some point.

Yeah, there is pre-birth planning. In the Akashic Records It’s called “the zone of choice.” It’s the space in between lifetimes where you make choices for your next lifetime. And those choices are the themes and the lessons. So the soul isn’t making any decisions like, “it has to be that specific person.” The soul is just saying, “At some point in time, I’ll have this thing that I desire because I’ve worked with these themes.”

So we essentially co-create with the source of our consciousness. And that is unique and personal for each person. And when we come to the Akashic Records, there’s no judgment, no attachment. They meet us where we’re at. And then our Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones are the groups of energy that give us guidance and direction.

When I was practicing Buddhism, there were three tenets: faith, practice and study. And I apply those three tenets to this Akashic Records practice. We need to have faith in the unseen, we need to study and learn about it, and then we need to open up our Records and continue to cultivate a relationship with the energy.

What can someone expect from a reading with you?

A space of no judgment, an opportunity to feel safe and vulnerable to open up and express whatever is heaviest on your heart, this kindness and compassion and unconditional love that comes from the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. That comes through me as the practitioner, and then the person feels loved, accepted, not judged, willing to be vulnerable and open up. A lot of people come to the Records because of life situations that get worse and not better. So, when we become aware of the soul-level truth, we’re able to let go of the lower vibrational activity and free to move on in a higher state of consciousness and action for ourselves. It’s almost like spiritual hypnotherapy. They’ll receive guidance and direction, and also healing. The healing is transmitted through the spoken word. For example, if someone is like, “Why can’t this relationship come together?” and then they learn, “This is just lesson-specific and you’re learning to let go,” they find healing in that. The truth is what heals.

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