The Wonders of Fluorite

If there’s one stone we find ourselves recommending a lot, it’s Fluorite. Known by many as the “genius stone,” it’s said to be an amplifier of self-confidence and can help you deepen your focus if you feel scattered. Read on to find out about its healing properties and what it can help you with.

Fluorite comes in many different colors; blue, yellow, green, purple, and clear. Most often you’ll see it in a combination of green and purple, like above.

Meditate with a piece of fluorite to see what kinds of inspired ideas come to you. It always feels potent and refreshing to come up on an idea that feels like it came out of nowhere, and this is exactly what can happen with Fluorite.

Meet your negativity vacuum cleaner. Especially with a pyramid shaped piece of Fluorite (this one is $35 at the shop!), any negative energies will be drawn out and replaced with a sense of clear knowing. It dispels old emotional traumas and clears the mind so that you can see what your blocks are and then remove them.

Just be extra careful if you have a piece because Fluorite has a hardness of 4, which makes it susceptible to scrapes and breaks.

Fluorite is also known for its stabilizing effect and for grounding excess energies. So if you’re feeling the need to get super organized and focused, try working with this stone and see if it helps you dissolve old patterns and find your center again.

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