VANADINITE: Stone of Personal Power · Vitality · Action · Creativity · Great for: getting things done! Shuts off mind chatter, clears energy blocks, motivates, energizes and inspires action toward goals. Excellent for writers and creatives and in all matters of self-expression and business. A stone of inspiration, action, productivity and progress. 



VERDALITE (aka GREEN TOURMALINE): Stone of Nourishment · Growth · Life Force · Love · Great for: healing and growth of all kinds, rejuvenating and and restoring energy after depletion, connecting with the energy of vitality and lushness, aligning with the vibrations of happiness, joy, prosperity and abundance, for love and nurturing of all kinds but especially a love of life, connecting with nature, nature spirits and the vital life force of Mother Earth, clearing and purifying your energy.

VESUVIANITE (aka IDOCRASE): Stone of Direction · Security · Higher Self · Emancipation · Great for: aligning with Spirit, following your heart and your calling, finding your direction, fostering cooperation, sensing energy fields, healing feelings of imprisonment, claustrophobia or being restrained, transmuting feelings of darkness, confusion and depression, emotional support and finding peace through upheaval and major life changes.