Virgo Full Moon Prayer 2020: Release, Reset, Rebuild

Liberate practitioner Rebekah shares her wisdom for this month’s pivotal full moon. Book a session with her right here!

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This full moon plays beautifully with all the outer planets in earth signs (Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus), supporting whatever we are building! Though it also tightly opposes Neptune in Pisces, which means despite the illumination that is typical of full moons, we likely don’t have the full picture (whatever is coming up for you now is where you’re feeling this moon in your life). Pause and float for a few days and allow things to process and integrate. While Mercury (Virgo’s ruling planet) stations direct today at 28 degrees Aquarius, the station periods are when planets are not moving at all and things are often activated and integrated all the more as they change gears, bearing down with incredible gravity on one particular degree of the zodiac. Trust, rest, enter into prayer or meditation, listen to your heart and ask The Force of Love to guide you. Things will clear up shortly and soon you’ll be on your blessed way!

Monday, March 9th, 2020, 10:48 AM at 19°37 Virgo + Mercury Station Direct

T O P O N D E R U N D E R T H I S F U L L M O O N . . .

1. How am I feeling right now? (Tip: Gratitude for good feelings, epic Compassion for challenging ones.)

2. Am I doing what I can to support my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing?

3. Do I have a good daily routine that helps me feel grounded, productive and that supports and secures future me?

4. What is one long-term goal I have that I know if I just commit a little effort to every day, I will see amazing results over time?

5. Are there any less-than-amazing habits I’m ready to release?

6. What spiritual, mental or emotional energy do I want to channel into physical form, and what is the next step I can take to do so? How can I anchor my spiritual connection in this sacred earthly world and make my dream real?

7. What do I have to contribute to the collective? How can I serve this beautiful Earth?

8. Do I feel connected to others, and to a greater Force? How can I initiate or deepen this connection?

9. What details can be lovingly tweaked and enhanced in my work life?

10. Do I have a good balance of spirituality and enjoying physical, Earthly existence?

11. Who / what do I need to forgive and release? Am I willing to release this pain to The Force of Love and invite the Divine to transform me?

12. What are some of the biggest blessings in my life?

13. How can The Divine can use me as a channel of Love, Compassion & Grace?


Dear Universe / God / Holy Spirit / Great Spirit / Higher Self / Force of Love

I am sending Love to All Beings Everywhere

I come to You now to connect with Your Love

I invoke the Highest Divine Order in every area of my Life

Help me to flow in Trust of this cycle

To see, hear and honor my Heart & Truth

with Courage

As energy peaks, feelings surface and shadows are illuminated

Help me to know my own Power to create the change I desire within Myself

and in my Life

And to Trust Yours

to know You are Here Now, in my Heart, and everywhere around me

Supporting me in Love & Grace

as Always

I am struggling with ______________ .

Please help me.

I’m trying my best and I am willing to be transformed.

Please help my Loved Ones with ______________.

May all Blessings, Love & Grace received be shared with all beings everywhere, especially those that have the deepest need

Bless our Lives that all problems be transmuted into Wisdom and Love.

All this in accordance with the highest Fulfillment and Happiness of All

and that means ME TOO

and that means You too

for I am connected to All Things

and You are within all things

God, I know You are in my Heart

and that I am in Your Heart

That You are present in every moment

Thank You for all the Good and Grace in my Life

and for the Beauty and Miracles that are already set in motion

as I walk into my most Blessed Future.

I welcome Blessed Change


IG @sacred_starlight

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