Xavier's Bio

 Xavier is a Hermetic magician, alchemist, and tarot historian.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Xavier has passionately pursued the mystic arts since he was 11 years of age.

Allowing his curiosity and intuition to be the compass that steers the course, he was led to the bridge where art and spirituality unite as one. His dedication to the study of magick, philosophy, and history brought him to the discovery of his favorite book, the tarot.

Since 2011, he has extensively explored the path of the tarot and the Tree of Life, in addition to versing himself in elemental magick. He has explored the magickal roots of his cultural heritage of Curanderismo, as well as other healing arts and energy clearing modalities.

X has studied with various tarot masters, healers, and mystics throughout Los Angeles. He is a bilingual reader offering card readings in Spanish as well.

Xavier works to dispel misconceptions surrounding the tarot, reminding clients that the cards are more like doors into the now rather than projections of the future. Through the mysteries of the keys, we examine your soul’s journey and your personal hero’s journey to explore where you are presently, areas you feel stuck, and ways to move forward that serve your highest good.

Xavier elects evoking the White Light and Violet Ray for when readings become healing sessions. He works with you to help you transmute belief systems and blockages that may have crystallized in your auric field.

Sessions with Xavier remind you to honor your own inner teacher or guide, your Higher Self. You are the hero of your story, one that isn’t carved in stone but written in the etheric halls of the Akasha.