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Theatre, Spoken word, Improv, Showcases, Art, Painting, Wine and paint, Jewelry making, Vision boards, Candle Making, Crystal Grid making

We believe creativity and spirituality are one and the same – that creativity is sacred. We offer an impressive array of creative nights for all ages and all types of creatives and aspiring-creatives! Lose the writer’s block, the fear of criticism, judgment and shame, lose the shackles and chains of fear that have been stifling your self-expression and holding you back from claiming and owning your creativity and sharing your brilliance and light! Transmute any creative obstacles you may be experiencing with a little help from your Liberate friends! Learn how to let go and fully tap your magic, creativity and freedom in our safe, supportive, nurturing and inspiring space. Be powerful, be magical, be free! Whether you’re drawn to visual arts, music, theatre, poetry, comedy or – literally – ANY kind of art or creative endeavor, we’re here to support you and the creative force that flows through you, as you, in this world. We aim to offer it all at Liberate Yourself and are always expanding and creating new things!

Great for: Absolutely everyone. We are all creative whether we realize it or not. Especially great for artistic minds and souls, for gently and powerfully tapping parts of the nervous system that move us away from states of anxiety, and for strengthening and sharpening the mind and spirit through learning and experiencing something new. Get out of your head, get into your heart and enjoy freedom and expression!