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We all struggle to take time for ourselves. As human beings, we don’t always realise the toll that the modern pace of life takes on our bodies and our spirits. Let us help. Come meditate with us! Reconnect to yourself, to your power and to Spirit – however you define it. When we’re connected to the present moment, to our hearts, and to Spirit, everything in life flows better. A bonus side effect of taking time out for the present moment is that we come back to our center, and from this place, regain our sense of direction and our ability to move forward. Guided meditations and healings can help you through periods of emotional stress and restore your inner balance, helping you flow in your day to day life. Here at Liberate Yourself we understand that spirituality is not a one-size-fits all, and we honor every person’s unique journey. For this reason, we continuously strive to offer a huge array of different forms of meditations and healings. There is truly something for everyone!

Great for: Relaxation, grounding, recentering, inner peace and calm, finding divine connection, meditation, heart healing, heart coherence, psychic development, enhancing intuition, improving sleep, reducing stress, self awareness, improving focus, clearing energy, unblocking energy, unlocking creativity, restoring vitality, boosting inspiration and moving forward.