We all struggle to take time for ourselves. As human beings, we don’t always realize the toll that the modern pace of life takes on our bodies and our spirits. Let us help. Come meditate with us! Reconnect to yourself, to your power and to Spirit – however you define it. When we’re connected to the present moment, to our hearts, and to Spirit, everything in life flows better. A bonus side effect of taking time out for the present moment is that we come back to our center, and from this place, regain our sense of direction and our ability to move forward.
Guided meditations and healings can help you through periods of emotional stress and restore your inner balance, helping you flow in your day to day life. Here at Liberate Yourself we understand that spirituality is not a one-size-fits all, and we honor every person’s unique journey. For this reason, we continuously strive to offer a huge array of different forms of meditations and healings. There is truly something for everyone!
Most meditations we hear about these days are geared towards mindfulness and spiritual connection. At Liberate Yourself, we include that and more. Our meditations are also designed for transformational work, so you can go beyond the surface and freely explore the depths of your heart. More than simply meditations, they are group healings. Come experience the best Meditations and group healings in LA at Liberate Yourself! And join us online if you’re not in LA. Coming together for meditation is powerful no matter if we’re meeting in person, or connecting across the world. 
We offer some of the most specialized and unique meditations and group healings in the city to fill your well such as: Akashic Record Meditation, Past Life Regression Meditation and Hypnosis Meditations. These various and unique healing methods used in conjunction with meditation offer the best Meditations in LA to help you step more fully into the person that you want to be!

Great for: Relaxation, grounding, recentering, inner peace and calm, finding divine connection, meditation, heart healing, heart coherence, psychic development, enhancing intuition, improving sleep, reducing stress, self awareness, improving focus, clearing energy, unblocking energy, unlocking creativity, restoring vitality, boosting inspiration and moving forward.


Our meditations are designed to be about 45 minutes in length with additional time for instruction, explanations and intention settings, and an open space to share thoughts and feelings at the end for anyone who wishes to. Depending on the meditation, the instructor will have attendees sit in chairs, on meditation cushions or have them lay down on yoga mats to facilitate deeper relaxation and healing. Lights are often dimmed, though not always. Some meditations have background music, and some are conducted in blissful silence. We recommend wearing comfortable clothes so there are no distractions and you can get the most out of the mediation experience.
Once you are comfortably settled, the instructor will guide you through the meditation. Some meditations employ guided imagery and take you into another experience through your intuition and imagination. Some meditations focus much more on practicing being present in the moment, reconnecting with your body, and cultivating unconditional love and acceptance for whatever emotions and thoughts arise within you. Still other meditations are focused on processing difficult thoughts and emotions. And some meditations have a dominant focus on energy healing, where the facilitator is performing certain healing techniques and you may simply be asked to relax and receive, not having to “try” or “do” anything mentally, allowing your mind to wander where it will.


A lot of people want to take time in their daily routine to meditate but wind up stopping short, either because they feel intimidated, like they just can’t do it right because they haven’t been able to get rid of their thoughts, or because they don’t even know where to start. Let us help!
Attending a class can create a safe container and structure for a meditation experience that can feel overwhelming, nebulous, or just difficult to complete when you’re doing it on your own. The guidance and support of an instructor can help you understand what you’re experiencing, and make peace with it. Coming to class can also really help if you’re lacking the discipline to practice on your own. As well, the solidarity of practicing meditation with others can make the experience feel far less lonely, especially if the class has time for questions and sharing at the end (which it often does). Coming together is always powerful because human connection is healing. We’re all working on ourselves together!
At the end of the class, you know you did it. You showed up for yourself. Every meditation completed is a successful meditation – even if you’re not enlightened yet and haven’t attained perfect inner peace (hah!). Meditation ultimately brings you closer to your truth and to yourself. You also learned valuable skills that you can apply on your own whenever you want. Many people get started in a group and take what they’ve learned into their own practice at home.
Group meditations and healings can connect us to ourselves and each other, even if we’re not in the same city or on the same schedules! Our livestream and in-person meditations and group healings allow you to rewatch the replay as many times as you like for 48 hours afterward, so it can always work on your time.


The question should be “What don’t they help with?” Meditation has repeatedly been scientifically proven to have profoundly positive effects on the brain and body. A great many studies now exist with statistically significant results showing the amazing and measurable effects of meditation. One article from cites research showing that meditation preserves and maintains youthful brain activity and function, increases the cortical thickness of the hippocampus – a part of the brain involved in learning and memory, decreases the volume of the amygdala – the brain’s fear and survival center, reduces stress, depression and anxiety, increases calm, improves focus and concentration, and may help with addiction recovery by supporting the parts of the brain involved in discipline and self-control. And these results are just what’s been scientifically quantifiable so far!
In our experience (and the experience of many), meditation also has a positive effect on your relationship with yourself. This changes your life. Having a better relationship with yourself can allow you to be more present, reduce anxiety, and help you feel more connected to others, a critical factor in overall happiness. Having a better relationship with yourself can also help you heal old wounds and trauma as well as claim your power to step into a new version of yourself, improving your quality of life significantly.


We recommend a few times a week for a meditation and healing practice, or daily if you can, but any amount of meditation and / or healing  is better than none. In other words, don’t throw in the towel if you fall off your practice and think that only one session won’t help you – it will. If you’re not the type of person who can’t commit regularly (which is a lot of people), you should still meditate whenever you can. While it may not feel like it initially, the benefits are immediate and every session is progress. It is especially good to attend mediations and healings when you’re going through a challenging time or find yourself at a crossroads in life.


Yoga Nidra Meditation For Deep Peace & Healing

Yoga Nidra is a Practice of Psychic Sleep, as you are relaxed into a conscious state, akin to a lucid dream. Deep transformation can occur through Yoga Nidra, as we set a Soul level intention or resolve that permeates deep into the subconscious through the practice, bringing a Powerful opportunity for Healing and Transcendence. Through Nidra, it is possible to cultivate a Deep Inner Peace and a Balanced state of Being.

  • The practice of YogaNidra has been Proven Effective for Reducing stress~related health issues.
  • Through a process of non~attachment, it helps us out of patterns of identifying with the Mind
  • Can provide deep calmness and inner Peace of mind,
  • Offering relief for chronic Anxiety and other mood related issues
  • Allows for a Better quality of restorative Sleep, through Delta state Meditation
  • Clears the Mind and Grounds the Body, welcoming Joy back into your Life
  • The practice will Transform as we do, granting Freedom from suffering, as we begin to drop the Identifying factors of what is Holding us back

*During this Meditation, you will be safely Guided into a relaxed state of Mind, Body and Breath, allowing you to reach the deepest state of consciousness and restoration, the Delta state.

Breathwork & Meditation For Manifestation

A lot of us carry heavy energy or emotions within our body and this practice will help you to release the build-up of this energy, stress, trauma and return to your natural state of self-love, self-forgiveness, and joy. You’ll leave feeling euphoric, relaxed, and filled with compassion for yourself and others!

Past Life Regression Meditation

Using Dolores Cannon’s regression method, QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), we’ll journey into our multi-dimensional nature in this 45-minute past life regression meditation. Past Life Regression is the journeying into one’s past lives while hypnotized. This is the process much like hypnotherapy, in which an altered state of consciousness is induced in order to help a person relive experiences from past lives.

Body Tapping: Emotional Stress and Release Meditation

Based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, tapping is an intensely powerful practice that helps you get over your biggest fears and release negative emotions that do not serve your highest good. It allows you to let go of limiting beliefs, stress, depression, and stuck feelings.

Meditation & Healing For Increasing Connection, Intuition

This is not your average woowoo meditation 🙂 Unveil your Godly gifts (because they’re there!!), develop your intuition, and become your own guide. Yass!! Lili will guide you through deep, deep healing that will completely transform your current reality to the life you really want. You’ll leave feeling light, peaceful, and magical – knowing that your energy is now completely different than before the meditation and can now experience new shifts. Everything is energy. Change your energy, change your life. For best results, tune in weekly to continue to dig deep in healing, and energize your goals and projects.

Devotional Chanting For Deep Meditation and Healing

Gopala’s ‘Devotional Chanting for Deep Meditation and Healing’ is a spiritually immersive class and a powerful meditative practice that helps to interiorize the mind by the conscious repetition of the seed-thoughts of the chants which in turn awakens devotion in the heart and brings deep healing of body, mind, and soul. By repeating the chants with deep concentration and devotion the mind automatically becomes immersed in the bliss of the soul thereby yielding a deeper awakening of spiritual consciousness and love for the Divine.

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