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Sera works as a conduit to the illuminating intelligences of Tarot, I-Ching, and Usui Reiki which activate your mind and body’s natural ability to transform and heal. This light transmutes wounds, stagnation, karmic patterns, polarizations, and any other outmoded illusions within your subconscious which may be preventing you from truly being you. The true you is the infinite you, which often exists hidden under layers of strife accumulated through life experience. This hidden you contains all of the clarity, abundance, power, strength, peace and fulfillment you may be seeking at any given moment. The healing process is one of gentle purification through the symbolic and energetic language of love and light which ultimately leads to balance, energy, and a sense of renewal. When the channels are cleared to an individual’s pure source, manifestation of dreams and goals becomes an automated process as the universe responds directly to the heart’s transcendent vessel of alchemical gold. The goal is singular, whether you have an urgent question to be answered, or are seeking an energetic re-wiring of your entire being…Sera is here as guardian, guide, and teacher as you simply re-member the totality of who you are.