Mystic Circles

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Many people believe in the Spirit World – that there is more to life than what our physical eyes can perceive. Many of us have experienced things we can’t explain – things we may call psychic or paranormal experiences. If you have a loved one on the “other side” of the veil you may have thought about this a lot, or maybe you’ve even had an experience or two yourself with the unseen! If you’d like to have a direct experience of the presence of energy and spiritual beings beyond the physical, join us for a psychic circle or paranormal experience. Whether you have a particular question you’ve been wanting to ask, or you just want to see what spiritual message or guidance the Universe has for you, these circles are a truly thrilling way to experience psychic phenomena – and often receive spiritual confirmation that can be profoundly emotionally healing. We are honored to host some of the best psychics and psychic mediums in LA as well as some world-renowned psychics and channelers traveling through LA. We’re confident your experience will exceed your expectations. Enjoy a shared mystical experience with others!

Great for: Are you drawn to the mystical, finding yourself curious about experiencing psychic phenomena, or do you have a strong desire to connect with a departed loved one? Attending a Psychic Circle would be a great place to start your journey of exploration. The next step would be to try a private, 1:1 session with one of our gifted psychic practitioners.