EFT “Tapping” Meditation with Vannessa



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We encourage participants to bring a journal + pen to this event

Join us for an intimate class where you will learn the basics of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and gain insight to the limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions and patterns that are holding you back from experiencing the confidence, self love, and inner calm already within you.

We all hold on to and carry difficult emotions when we cannot thoroughly process them. Experiencing difficult emotions and trauma is part of our human experience, but getting stuck in it can create emotional distress loops. Although we are meant to feel the spectrum of emotions, many of us find it easier to access difficult and heavy emotions like fear, insecurity, anger, sadness, and guilt way more often than we feel lighter, upbeat feelings like joy, confidence, abundance, compassion, love, and gratitude.

When we experience mental and emotional stressors regularly, it affects our bodies in a multitude of negative ways. EFT aka “Tapping” enables our body to go from experiencing prolonged stressful states to more rejuvenated states of calm, rational, creative, compassionate, solution-minded thinking. When we change our emotional state, we change our perspective and the way we see ourselves and others in the world.

Clinical studies have proven a whole host of health benefits from EFT. In addition to processing emotional states, regular tapping lowers cortisol levels (our stress response hormone), helps the body assimilate more nutrients, positively changes the expression of genes, reduces pain and provides clearer thinking to name a few.

The basic EFT tapping sequence used naturally sends signals of safety to the areas of the brain where our emotions are stored and is the mechanism that allows us to process them. It is encouraged to bring a journal, pen, and water to assist you in the process. Come get a taste of EFT in this class and start gaining insight and processing your blocks to emotional freedom!



This class/event takes place in our outdoor garden that’s equipped with space heaters and blankets, please dress accordingly.



Vannessa Carroll is a Clinical EFT Practitioner & Certified Health Coach with emphasis on emotional stress management.

She is a native Southern Californian and has always had an affinity for improving the well-being of herself and others. Through her own struggle and healing journey with anxiety and chronic emotional stress, she realized the powerful impact past traumas and our emotional states have on every system in our bodies and the quality of life we live.

She loves teaching simple yet powerful techniques like EFT and providing support to others experiencing insecurities, overwhelm, and self sabotage within their business and personal life in both 1:1 and workshop settings. It is her passion to help others process their emotional distress so they can experience more confidence, abundance, and have the ability to make a bigger impact in the world.



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Mar 31 2023


10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

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Liberate Yourself - Sherman Oaks
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