Franceasca's Bio

Franceasca Seiden combines esoteric meditation, magick, breathwork, and vibrational sound therapy with her seven crystal sound bowls to release: karmic DNA patterns, preconditioned belief systems, toxic shame, physical/mental/emotional PTSD, and spiritual abuse that stems from the negative stereotypes surrounding sexuality.

Seiden is a certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga instructor and is a lifelong student of the occult arts and sciences. She conducts full moon/new moon manifestation rituals and has been an intuitive tarot reader since the age of eleven.

She became certified in rebirthing breathwork via an eighteen month residency program at Brahmananda Ashram in The Yoga Society of San Francisco and is presently studying NLP.

Franceasca Seiden is also a filmmaker, multimedia curator, writer and founder of: 3GZ Productions, LAICREATIVES, and Sexual Alchemy Healing Arts (SAHA). SAHA’s mission is to turn trauma into power by transmuting sexual energy into creativity. SAHA’s workshops have toured in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and New York.

Franceasca has been featured in print, podcasts, and vlogs. Her films and published works are available online.