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“My philosophy is centered on the healing nature of the free flow of love, within and beyond our relationships to ourselves. With this in mind and heart, my approach to mystic healing work is to honor the place of which every person resides in the moments that I meet them. And in this space, sharing with them the compassionate messages of their guides, ancestors, and loved ones from and of all energetic frequencies.  My purpose is to support you in the process of healing yourself with the presence and direction of divine guidance. Mediumship and Guidance sessions bring forth channeled messages from your guides and/or relatives. Coffee readings are done in the Armenian tradition, slow brewed in a copper pot with cardamom and a bit of sugar.” – Jennifer Sacks
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Jennifer is a channel, medium and intentional baker. She brings her gifts of mediumship, shamanic journeying, coffee reading and spirit animal divination to the aid of those seeking further guidance, clarity, or perspective in their current circumstances. She is trained in the traditions of core shamanic practice, at the root of which, her work and purpose are centered upon compassion, love, and integrity. As she communes with the spirits of ancestors, guides and loved ones, her focus is on the relaying of respectful, gentle truths with the intention of assisting the greatest healing. Her interpretations and intuitive insights are shared with you as she sees them, and translates them to you at the same time. Quite a lot of information makes its way through, so please bring a notebook and get ready to take notes! It’s always a vivid and visual experience. You’ll be happy you made a written record of it!.

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