Our physical bodies are a reflection of our mental and emotional states; it deserves to be loved and cared for.” – Laura Lucas

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Laura is a certified personal trainer, health coach, nutritionist, and massage therapist, with an innate interest and aptitude for healing others. Whatever their pain, Laura grew up doing bodywork on fellow athletes, friends, and family members, spending her summers during high school studying massage therapy at A2Z massage school in Reseda.
      An intuitive healer, Laura spent her youth searching for ways to alleviate her own trauma. At 19 years old, she spent a full year traveling all over East Asia—china, Taiwan, Japan, and the phillipeans—where she discovered her passion for holistic health, wellness, and eastern medicine practices. Guided by a strong desire to understand the mind-body connection upon her return, she chose to study Psychology as an undergrad at USC.
     The practice of massage allows for the physical release of this stored trauma, whatever form it takes. Add to this the detoxification benefits of cupping therapy and you have a recipe for whole body holistic health. 
Our physical bodies are a reflection of our mental and emotional states; body and mind are deeply connected and healing one helps to heal the other. Your body deserves to be loved and cared for. Laura has an intuitive touch that allows people to feel deeply connected to their physical bodies.
Whether you choose to target a specific area or full body reset, Laura is a master of body therapy, a practitioner so skilled clients leave feeling renewed, repaired, and remade.
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