Reading the Current Energies with Healer Travis

Meet Travis Taylor, one of our newer practitioners here at Liberate. Travis uses clairvoyance, mediumship, and his strong intuition and healing energy to provide channeled guidance specific to clients’ individual needs. We sat down to chat about his take on the current energies of the moment, and how we can lean into them.

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Let’s talk a little about where the energy is at right now, collectively. What are you picking up on?

We’re in Scorpio now, we’re coming up on it. So the thing I’m thinking about is the shadow, and the contrast that we’ve been living in. As a community, as a collective, as a consciousness, we’re basically beginning to learn not with contrast. We often learn because we see the things we don’t want, not what we actually want. Sometimes we can be confused about what we want so we bang our head around 15 different things we don’t want and then suddenly we’re like, “Oh that’s because I’m not doing what I really want.” But we’re seeing it as a consciousness come through in the shadow of self, which is the projection of things we don’t like within ourselves. Difference, otherness. We’re coming to this realization that there were aspects of ourselves we thought were gone but still existed.

What we’re coming to is a bit of a collision course on ourselves, which is to say, much like an addiction the last thing you do is take one last hit before going into rehab. Particularly around the addiction of hate, we hold onto it because we’re actually afraid. But the point really is that if we truly loved unconditionally in our hearts, then we would not be in a lot of the situations that we’re in. But what we’re learning as a community is that what has been done is not working. So we have to actually grow and not be the nice spiritual elitists that we think we are.

Truly as well, we’ve lost our minds when it comes to knowing how to communicate with each other. Especially with someone we disagree with, it’s just easier to ghost them or ignore them. Replacement therapy does not address our behavior or our karma.

Why do you think there were so many breakups over the summer? It seems like everyone I know has gone through that or known someone who has.

Well, I consider those “breaking open.” Not necessarily breaking apart. And so, I think when we come down to relationships, we all sort of understand intuitively that it’s our relationships that nourish us or destroy us. Ultimately, we’re all having this major evaluation of relationship patterns and whether or not we’re truly accepting relationships that we know are valuable to us or nourish us the way that we deserve. Breakups don’t have to be permanent either, people tend to polarize even that decision to say it’s a permanent forever thing. It’s like, “You know, let’s just take a trial run. It’s OK to break up temporarily and say, ‘let’s revisit this.'” My mentor actually said something funny, that marriage licenses should automatically have to be renewed every five years. You should have to kind of reassess, and say “You want to do this again? How are we doing?” I think breakups are an opportunity to grow.

October has felt heavy and weird so far. What are your thoughts?

I think it’s coming up a lot, and I actually just talked about this on my podcast this week. My featured show is “Dancing with the Shadow” and I think we’re coming into that time of Scorpio where we look at our underbelly, we look at our creative passionate side, we look at those dark spaces and shine some light on them. This is a great opportunity to do a self-assessment. You know, “Am I hiding things from myself? Am I not truly my whole self? Are there things that I’m afraid of?” I think the point is, for people right now to just do an inventory of yourself and your life, your relationships. Clear away the clutter, clear away the stuff that isn’t working, the stuff that you don’t really need, that’s just around because you’ve been holding onto it for whatever reason. Aside from sentimental things, take nature’s lead and lighten the load. Like leaves, just kind of look at the “leaves” you want to let go of. You know, are there things about yourself you’d like to improve? If there are then consciously make a decision to do that.

We don’t get better, we don’t get stronger in theory. We don’t go to bed at night and say “I pray for strength” and then wake up stronger. I wish that were true, but instead you wake up with opportunities to demonstrate strength in your life.

Set the timer on the seriousness of life and then go play, because that’s what it’s about too. Give yourself permission to have levity.

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