Riv's Bio

Riv Sachartoff (they/them) is your friendly neighborhood queer, non-binary, Jewish mystic who is all about self empowerment and deep holistic transformations.

Riv has studied under four mentors to become a Usui Reiki certified energy healer, psychic medium, and Akashic records channeler.

Since professionally offering trauma healing services for clients, Riv has grown in their power and practice to incorporate human design, astrology, sound healing, crystal healing, and channeling aliens in their repertoire.

Every healing and coaching service that Riv offers is guided by straightforward but gentle, trauma informed policies geared towards helping you find grounded and supportive practices that work specifically for you. Riv truly loves helping others feel connected and empowered in their bodies to make this silly little human experience more enjoyable, freeing, and easy.

On Human Design (if it’s your first time ever hearing about it): if your looking for answers on how to connect deeper to the way your body is energetically designed, your aura, your reason for incarnation this life, or even what environments you work best in, I would highly recommend Human Design. You’ll leave your reading with better understanding of the way your energy works, and how to bring more alignment, ease, and flow into your life.

Riv hosts weekly chakra alignment and tarot meditations, monthly past life messages circles (with fellow practitioner James), and full + new moon rituals at Liberate in addition to their 1-1 practitioner services.