Stones for Manifesting Your Best Life During Sagittarius Season

Starting in a few short days—November 22, to be exact—we’ll be fully immersed in Sagittarius season (and out of Mercury retrograde!).

Whether you have a birthday coming up or just want to tap into the fiery energy of the season, here are some excellent stones for this particular adventure-driven time of year.

Blue Lace Agate

This type of agate is not only a stunning shade of periwinkle blue, but is also a helpful aide when you need to reconnect to your true emotions without getting overwhelmed. Known by some as the “Stone of the Diplomat,” it helps to promote clear and productive communication and discernment in your dealings with others.

Smoky Quartz

A stabilizing stone during what can be a pretty busy time of year, smoky quartz neutralizes negative energy and protects against electromagnetic smog. It helps you stay grounded in the present moment and helps you tune into your root chakra to avoid getting energetically swayed by others.

Blue Topaz

This stone, which is pretty amazing even in its raw form, helps you tap into the wisdom and sage advice of the average Sagittarian. It can also help you tap into your higher self and spiritual purpose on this plane. Not to mention, topaz in general is the birthstone for November!

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis helps stimulate deeper communication, stimulating the throat and third eye chakras. It encourages creativity and harmonizes conflict (perfect for any fraught relationships with relatives at Thanksgiving!) and also aids you in taking charge of your life. It can help neutralize the sometimes blunt nature of Sagittarius speech.

Black Obsidian

A stone of strength, obsidian provides deep soul healing while giving protection. It grounds any excess expansive energy of Sagittarius, helping connect to earth energy and giving you more power over a situation that’s bothering you.

Blue Goldstone

Sagittarius energy can be a little bit excitable and scattered (not that that’s bad!), and blue goldstone can help you focus on one task at a time. It’s known as the stone of drive, and is said to help increase job opportunities and give performers that extra boost and sparkle. For anyone struggling with follow-through, give this one a try.

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