Stubborn health issues got you down? With a package of 3, 5 or 10 sessions you can jump start the healing process and begin anew.

Protocol 1

Lingering pains? Persistent imbalances? In just 3 sessions we can help you identify the energetic cause of the dis-ease, clear it out, and start feeling better.

Our Recommended Protocol:

Protocol 2

Upcoming procedure? Managing a chronic condition? Ready to shift? In just 5 sessions we can aid you in seeing what’s at the heart of the issue, help you release the stuck energies and stubborn beliefs behind your condition, replenish your body with fresh new ideas and energies, and heal!

Protocol 3

Serious condition? Ready to be done with ancestral illness? Time for a miracle? In just 10 sessions we can help you delve into the message of your dis-ease, accept what and why the experience is in your life, have compassion for yourself and your body, transmute those stuck energies, and repattern your entire being for the next great endeavor.