I will connect you to your higher self and see the direction that is best for us to take here on Earth. We can find answers for questions such as: film career, job, relationships blocks, court, marriage, higher consciousness, your true purpose, spiritual questions, divine love, tempting the mind to create the True-Self, health/body, depression, anxiety, and relationships.
I use Reiki energy to help with your energy during the reading and after the reading.
I am your fairy Godfather. My background is in show business, film, writing, and all religious or non religious paths.


I specialize in guiding people to their heart wisdom, soul gifts and spirit allies, so they can appreciate their truer, wiser, sacred self, and experience a greater sense of connection, well being and joy on their life-soul journey.


ABOUT AMY: As a tarot reader, Reiki master, sound healer and story empowerment coach — I help flip and reverse the moments in your life that bother you the most and turn them into your superpowers.
I’ve always taken a holistic approach to healing and like to look at the whole client rather than just a few parts. Come in for transformation sometime, I can’t wait to support you.


Allow me to assist you in stepping into your greatest self.  What you currently feel is impossible or hopeless will swiftly be in your rearview mirror.


Providing Reiki and intuitive readings within a sacred space for healing and self-discovery.


People come to me for change and to breakthrough beliefs, habits and patterns that hold them back! Let me help you reprogram and rewire your deepest parts of your mind so you can have the life you truly desire.


Everything is energy and when you work with clearing, energizing and balancing a person’s energy you can change and transform all areas of their life. I work to heal the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.”


The beautiful thing about astrology is that it is not supposed to tell you your future, but your POTENTIAL in this world, and there’s nothing more freeing than to know you were born with all the tools you need to succeed.


Franceasca Seiden founded Sexual Alchemy Healing Arts otherwise known as SAHA in 2017. Franceasca’s mission in opening up SAHA was to alchemize trauma into power by transmuting sexual energy into creative productivity.
As an intuitive empath, clairsentient and clairecognizant she has the ability to combine esoteric practices, such as tarot, meditation, magick, and vibrational sound healing to release toxic shame stemming from antiquated pre-conditioned belief stereotypes surrounding sexuality.
She became certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in 2005, is a lifelong student of the occult arts and sciences with ceremonial ritual practices during the full moon to release and new moon’s to receive. She became certified in rebirthing breathwork as  part of her 18 month residency program at Brahmananda Ashram in The Yoga Society of San Francisco and is currently studying NLP.


I work intuitively communicating with spirit guides, angels & ascended masters to shift blocks within your physical, mental & spiritual bodies which will help you to release stress, trigger the body’s natural healing abilities & balance mind & emotions. Translating the information I receive to pass on & give you practical instruction to help propel your healing progress


It is because of the suffering I have encountered throughout my own personal life and witnessed in the lives of my clients and students that pushes me to spread the importance of a strong spiritual foundation and provide the platform and experiences necessary to do so. I am a natural born intuitive and healer. My sessions are always geared towards the greatest good of my clients whether for psychic readings, healings or spiritual life coaching.


My philosophy is centered on the healing nature of the free flow of love, within and beyond our relationships to ourselves. With this in mind and heart, my approach to mystic healing work is to honor the place of which every person resides in the moments that I meet them. And in this space, sharing with them the compassionate messages of their guides, ancestors, and loved ones from and of all energetic frequencies. 
My purpose is to support you in the process of healing yourself with the presence and direction of divine guidance. Mediumship and Guidance sessions bring forth channeled messages from your guides and/or relatives. Coffee readings are done in the Armenian tradition, slow brewed in a copper pot with cardamom and a bit of sugar.


I believe that the key to one’s highest good resides not within always having the right answers, but knowing how to find them when we don’t. Good decisions can be like a trained muscle, the more you “honestly” attempt them, the better you get at it. Give yourself the benefit of making your decisions, informed decisions. My approach explores the known & unknown of opportunities, possibilities and roadblocks you may face. Together we will work past the blocks and get you back on the road to your highest good.


Let’s check in! We can examine the mysteries of life in general, or we can explore more specific themes that you may have questions about. Using the tools of Tarot and/or Western Astrology- we can have a conversation that is open and comprehensive. I’m not here to talk at you; but with you. I am here to offer you guidance, wisdom, and support that leaves you feeling Empowered. I am here to offer you a perspective that stimulates an open heart & mind; and restores faith & trust in the Universe. Let’s chat!


I specialize in helping others connect to their own innate wisdom and abilities. Through compassion, surrender, openness and fun, clarity, self-acceptance and a renewed, deeper experience of life becomes the new normal.


I am here to assist in the Awakening of your Divine Soul as you release past traumas and obstacles, and move towards Sacred Union.
My personal passion is connecting with Animals through Energy work and sharing the Divine Light with our furry friends, as they share their insight with Us! We are All individual Expressions of our own experiences. Yet we are never truly separate from our greater purpose as a Whole.


Our physical bodies are a reflection of our mental and emotional states; they deserve to be loved and cared for.


My main focuses are on Tarot, Numerology, and the Vitruvian Square. I do use some astrology to enhance my work, and I do mediumship but I use that in a different capacity. The things I’m best known for are my unique approaches to readings, but mostly for my Rose Readings.


We all need help from time to time. Let me help guide you towards the right or heal with messages from loved ones.


My passion is helping clients reach their wellness goals by listening, then customizing your session with various modalities to alleviate any stress, tightness, and pain so as to promote optimal health and wellness, while adding a healthy dose of relaxation. Combining my knowledge from my career as a Physical Therapist and a Certified Masseuse, I’ve taken all that I have learned and experienced and incorporated it into my practice and I found a unique combination to heal the whole body and mind. 
My goal is to bring a feeling of lightness and a meditative state of relaxation. There you can find yourself in a space freed from anxiety, pain, and ordinary perception. I love to add essential oils (Aromatherapy) and healing sounds (Binaural Beats) to the session for maximum relaxation and healing. Also upon request, an Energy Healer (Reiki) can be present and work on you energetically while I am working on you physically, also known as “a spa day in an hour.”
Thank you for visiting my profile and I’m looking forward to helping you attain a happier and more peaceful state of mind.


I work with people to gain the clarity and insight they need to be guided and empowered on a Spiritual Path.


I provide a safe space, and the skill, wisdom, and knowledge to introduce people to their inner selves. The guidance I receive allows people to discover what they truly desire. We then can discuss methods to help attain it.


ABOUT REBEKAH: I specialize in helping people connect to the Divine in a way they can feel – everywhere within them and everywhere around them. I also specialize in Astrology, the language of energy, helping people to understand – and work with – their innate makeup, gifts and challenges, so they can heal and thrive.
Astrology allows us to see how energy is flowing in our lives currently – where we are being watered and where we are being pruned, and how we can participate in the process for wonderful results.


As an Ordained Minister of metaphysics and spirituality, a multidimensional healer and clairvoyant; I specialize in working with my clients to help them clear the blocks, beliefs, and beings that are keeping them from living the life they were born to live.
In using my various gifts as an intuitive and energy healer in many modalities (including being a Reiki Master, Pranic Healer), I have been initiated to work with legions of Angels and Celestial Soul Realignment to bring about ultimate results in you.
If you need clarity in your life, career, relationship, health or spiritual growth, seeking a Spiritual Life Coach, or if you desire to create or add a regular energy regiment to your spiritual practice; consider working with me.
Joy & Laughter – Doreene


ABOUT RIV: I am a classically trained psychic (with strong clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient abilities), Usui Reiki certified energy healer, and human design reader.
After 3 years of helping others transform their lives via professional psychic readings, energy healing, trauma coaching, and teaching intuitive empowerment/growth — I learned how to channel the Akasha and commune with the record keepers of the realm to help others learn the blocks, patterns, and past life cycles that are affecting them most in this life.
I am a life long occult learner with an adept knowledge in witchcraft, magick, and more recently taken on human design and astrology as part of my mystical repertoire.
Every magickal service I offer is going to be 100% geared towards helping you transform and feel empowered in your cosmic and daily life. I love helping people through sticky past life/generational patterns and grow into their unique intuitive gifts through a decolonial lens.
When you’re ready for more clarity and empowerment in your life, just give your friendly nonbinary psychic a ring!