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Liberate Yourself in Sherman Oaks offers an extensive and unique variety of world class Sound baths and Sound Healings facilitated by some of the most gifted healers in Los Angeles, and the most gifted healers traveling through Los Angeles! Join us for an out-of-this-world Sound bath and healing! Take your vibration into the higher realms assisted by a stunning array of Gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Wind Chimes, other instruments and even Vocal Toning. Rest your spirit, relax your mind, calm your body, indulge your senses, meditate and manifest!

Feel supported, reduce stress, improve your sleep, heighten clarity, creativity and focus during waking hours, clear and safely release negative energy, rebalance and restore your mind, body and spirit. Journey gently and powerfully with us into a new way of being!

Great for: Physical and emotional support, relaxation, calming the nervous system, shifting brainwaves into a theta state (which promotes relaxation, healing and meditation), heart-brain coherence, connecting and aligning the chakras and overall energy system, clearing old, stagnant and negative energy, removing energetic and emotional blockages, facilitating meditation, improving sleep, reducing stress, improving focus, rebalancing and recharging the energy and nervous systems.


A sound bath is a meditative and relaxing experience where you lie down on a yoga mat and allow the magical and healing sound vibrations to clear and tune your energy! You may also use an eye covering to deepen your sensory experience. Singing bowls, gongs and other sound healing instruments are used to send you into a theta brainwave state, which facilitates deep relaxation and restoration of the nervous system, cellular repair, healing on all levels and profound meditative and creative states. 
You can bring your own yoga mat, but we do provide yoga mats, blankets and eye coverings for anyone who needs them. It is best to wear comfortable clothes. We recommend bringing a bottle of water and anything else you may need to feel comfortable.


Many of the instruments used in sound baths are tuned to specific Solfeggio healing frequencies such as 432 Hz, 528 Hz and others that resonate with the Schumann Frequency – Mother Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm of 7.83 Hz. In this modern world, we are all bombarded with harsh and unnatural sounds, frequencies and energies all day long which can leave us feeling scattered, scrambled and depleted. These sacred Solfeggio tunings of 432Hz, 528 Hz (and others) help bring us back into tune with our highest natural rhythm, entraining our energy with nature, promoting health, balance, coherence and vitality in our body, mind and soul.
The songs you hear on the radio are tuned to A = 440 Hz. This is the current international standardized tuning of instruments in the west, and it is a modern construct that was decided upon for practical reasons because there was such a fluctuation in tunings being used from orchestra to orchestra, and from musician to musician. This standardized tuning of A = 440 Hz is actually not accepted universally. Many orchestras, musicians and healers alike consider the A = 432 Hz tuning to be more natural, resonant and harmonious. This is why we see sound healers in particular featuring these sacred tunings in their sound baths as powerful healing tools to recalibrate the body, mind and spirit. 
Think of a sound bath as an energetic bath and tuning of your energy back to Source.
For more information on sound healing, sacred tunings and solfeggio frequencies, listen to this episode of Liberate The Podcast we did with Stargods Sound Healing.


Do you need to relax? Would you like to reconnect to yourself and your heart? To de-stress, open your creative channel, get better sleep or release some challenging energy? A sound bath is a form of energetic maintenance to help you stay clear, attuned to your optimal natural state, and balanced. You might attend a sound bath to support yourself through any kind of stress, health issue, mental health or emotional challenge, to gently and powerfully facilitate the opening of your creative channel, or simply to find calm and come back to your center.
You can attend a sound bath just as you would go for a chiropractic adjustment or acupuncture session, or as a musician must periodically tune their instrument to keep it sounding clear and beautiful. Sound Baths are a wonderful form of energy hygiene as the vibrations of the instruments cleanse and clear the energy field and bring the chakras and aura back into a natural and optimal state of health and balance. Sound baths are also just highly enjoyable! It’s a wonderful, soothing, restorative and relaxing sensory experience that will leave you feeling supported, recharged and blissed out!


Monthly soundbaths are recommended for energetic maintenance, but more won’t hurt! It’s not possible to overdo sound healing so you can enjoy sound baths weekly or even daily as you feel called. Sound Baths are particularly helpful in bringing you back into balance anytime you’re going through a life change or stressful period in your health, career, love life or personal life. Our sound baths are here for you as frequently as you need!


Ambient Sound Bath

Sahar is a certified Sound Practitioner residing in Los Angeles. She uses the vibrations and frequencies of planetary tuned and Dark Star Gongs, Perfect Pitch 432-440 Hz finely tune crystal quartz singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes and high frequency angel tuners to shift your brain and body to into a deep meditative state while enveloped in vibrational sounds. Allowing the body to repair and restore itself by slowing down the brainwaves and simultaneously shifting every cell in the body from diseased to a state of ease.

Love Frequency Sound Bath: 528Hz Miracle DNA Upgrade

Get blessed and balanced with sound and color! Relax, cleanse your energy, open your heart and connect with the powerful 528 Hz Miracle Sound live at this unique sound bath event.

528Hz is also known as the “Love Frequency” or “DNA Repair Tone.” It is one of the healing Sacred Solfeggio Tones, which in recent years has been uncovered by researchers of antiquity. The sound is gorgeous and transformative as well as uplifting.

This special event will feature a live half-hour 528Hz healing relaxation meditation. It will be performed by sound healing artist Chris Spoltore that records under the name stargods Sound Healing. He is a top music streaming new age/sound healing artist (Over 20 Million streams).

Unlike most traditional sound baths, Chris won’t be using gongs or bowls. Instead, the music is performed live on an electronic Synthesizer with a speaker system. The sound is enveloping, timeless, sweeping and beautiful. It is incredibly relaxing, gentle and peaceful, like floating on a cloud—it’s a great way to unwind and relax after a long day, week or month.

Garden Sound Bath

Join us in the beautiful outdoor garden setting to release, relax and restore at the end of the day. Kirsten & Diana will bathe you in the healing sounds and frequencies of 432 hz crystal singing bowls, tibetan bowls, gong, swinging chimes, crystal singing pyramid, buffalo drum and and other sacred sound healing instruments that help to open up the flow of energy in your body, mind and spirit. The “Sound Sisters” also will be bringing directed sound healing around each participant to deepen their experience.

Sound bath sessions help put you into a theta state: a brainwave state that will put you into a deep meditation and allow the body to activate it’s own self-healing mechanisms and leave you feeling lighter, calmer and more peaceful.

A Sound Bath helps us to release anxiety, stress, worry, fear and calm our mind, body and soul. This then allows us to better connect into the limitless possibilities, gratitude, miracles and blessings that are available to us at any given moment in our lives.

Relaxation Sound Bath

Come ready for an evening of full relaxation and enjoy a Soundbath Meditation led by Sound Healer Gina from Soundbath Haven using 432 hz crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, and other healing instruments to help you destress, rejuvenate, relax, and deeply meditate. The sounds and vibrations used help activate the nervous system, allowing to reduce stress, improve sleep, improve focus and unblock energy.

Biofield Tuning: Group Sound Healing

Biofield Tuning is a physics based approach to healing using coherent sound waves outside the body to facilitate a change. Biofield Tuning is based on the premise that the human biofield – the energy field that surrounds and permeates our bodies – is inextricably connected with our conscious and subconscious mind, including all of our memories. All physical, mental and emotional disorders can be perceived as ‘dissonance’ in our energy fields. Biofield Tuning is able to diminish and resolve this dissonance and in doing so, alleviate and even eradicate the corresponding physical, mental and/or emotional symptoms. This sound healing is a seated or lie down hour long session during which audible and inaudible frequencies will be used. 

  • Gong Bath
  • Shadow Journey Sound Bath
  • Sound Alchemy Manifestation
  • Sound Bath – Harp Therapy
  • Sound Bath – Get Gonged
  • Full Moon Sound bath
  • Electric Sound Bath
  • Akashic Sound Healing
  • Shamanic Sound – Chakra Balance
  • Money Magic Sound and Breathwork

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