Liberate Events

All of our amazing classes and events are available on the go to supercharge your private event (you can also hire our practitioners too). We also offer private groups hosted at our location. Please email [email protected] for more information and a personalized quote.

Sound Baths and Sound Healings

Relaxation | Vibration | Meditation

432 Hz & 528 Hz Miracle Tone Sound Bath, Solfeggio Frequencies Sound Bath, Shadow Journey Sound Bath, Sound Alchemy Manifestation Sound Bath, Harp Therapy Sound Bath, Get Gonged, Full Moon Sound Bath, Electric Sound Bath, Akashic Sound Healing, Shamanic Sound Healing, Chakra Balance, Money Magic Sound and Breathwork Relaxation Sound Baths and more…

Liberate Yourself in Sherman Oaks offers an extensive and unique variety of world class Sound baths and Sound Healings facilitated by some of the most gifted healers in Los Angeles, and the most gifted healers traveling through Los Angeles! Join us for an out-of-this-world Sound bath and healing! Take your vibration into the higher realms assisted by a stunning array of Gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Wind Chimes, other instruments and even Vocal Toning. Rest your spirit, relax your mind, calm your body, indulge your senses, meditate and manifest!

Feel supported, reduce stress, improve your sleep, heighten clarity, creativity and focus during waking hours, clear and safely release negative energy, rebalance and restore your mind, body and spirit. Journey gently and powerfully with us into a new way of being!

Great for: Physical and emotional support, relaxation, calming the nervous system, shifting brainwaves into a theta state (which promotes relaxation, healing and meditation), heart-brain coherence, connecting and aligning the chakras and overall energy system, clearing old, stagnant and negative energy, removing energetic and emotional blockages, facilitating meditation, improving sleep, reducing stress, improving focus, rebalancing and recharging the energy and nervous systems.



Hypnosis Meditation for Abundance, Past Life Regression Meditation, Reiki Love Meditation, Pranic Healing Clinic, Kundalini Activation Process, Body Tapping EFT, Mother Mary Meditation, Quantum Mystic Meditation: Back To The Future, Magick Meditation, Breathwork Meditation For Manifestation, Full Moon Meditation

We all struggle to take time for ourselves. As human beings, we don’t always realise the toll that the modern pace of life takes on our bodies and our spirits. Let us help. Come meditate with us! Reconnect to yourself, to your power and to Spirit – however you define it. When we’re connected to the present moment, to our hearts, and to Spirit, everything in life flows better. A bonus side effect of taking time out for the present moment is that we come back to our center, and from this place, regain our sense of direction and our ability to move forward. Guided meditations and healings can help you through periods of emotional stress and restore your inner balance, helping you flow in your day to day life. Here at Liberate Yourself we understand that spirituality is not a one-size-fits all, and we honor every person’s unique journey. For this reason, we continuously strive to offer a huge array of different forms of meditations and healings. There is truly something for everyone!

Great for: Relaxation, grounding, recentering, inner peace and calm, finding divine connection, meditation, heart healing, heart coherence, psychic development, enhancing intuition, improving sleep, reducing stress, self awareness, improving focus, clearing energy, unblocking energy, unlocking creativity, restoring vitality, boosting inspiration and moving forward.

Live Music Events


Solo Artists, Full Band, Album Release, Record Release, Open Mic, Acoustic Night, Singer/Songwriter Night, Curated Nights, DJ & Ecstatic Dance, Dance Parties, Songwriting Clinic, Kirtan, Spiritual Music, Singing Workshop, Throat Chakra Workshop, Vocal Toning, Entertainment

Liberate Yourself in Sherman Oaks offers an array of live music, featuring grammy-nominated and grammy-winning artists as well as the best up-and-coming artists and bands from around the world! Los Angeles is a musical and creative hub, some of the world’s best artists are local, and many of the world’s best artists move through this gorgeous city gracing the Liberate stage on their tours. How lucky are we?!

We love hosting solo, acoustic singer/songwriters, full bands and DJs alike. Our Open Mic Night allows wonderful artists and creatives all around Los Angeles to share their voices and connect with their musical peers as well as new audiences and an amazing community. We also play host to some truly visionary artists who are blazing trails, blending live music and performance with spiritual and musical workshops, sound healing and/or meditation experiences – the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Liberate is one of the most creative and best places for a date night in Los Angeles as couples can enjoy music outdoors in a fun and truly novel space.

At Liberate we do everything to ensure Covid safety. Our beautiful and cozy outdoor space has great cross ventilation!

Great for: Music is known for improving your mood, it is great for stress reduction, an opportunity to reflect and a sense of well being. Connect with the community-A wonderful; date night idea or night out with friends

Comedy, Poetry & Theater Events


Full Moon Comedy, Open Mic Nights, Book Readings, Poetry Readings, Cold Readings of Plays, Plays, Theatre, Improv, Slam Poetry, Spoken Word

Sometimes we just need a night off to experience great entertainment! Comedy, Poetry and Theater are some of the most popular events in LA. Why not come check them out in our unique, covid-safe spiritual and creative space? We offer the best and most interesting mix of comedy, poetry, theater and creative entertainment to be found anywhere in LA, with the best-of-the-best local and touring artists, entertainers and comedians from all over the world. Maybe you have a talent of your own you would like to share at our open mic nights? Let go of the mundane hustle and grind – come unwind in our magical, soul-stirring space and let our featured artists, poets, actors and comedians take your heart and mind to new heights! Don’t be surprised if you recognize some of the faces on stage – we are so blessed to have some of the world’s best actors and comedians who’ve appeared in multiple recurring roles in huge sitcoms. Just one of the many amazing things about LA, city of angels – and city of actors! Our open mic nights boast a multitude of different talents, always keeping things interesting and exceptional.

Great for: Letting go and disconnecting from the burdens and pressures of everyday life and the “real” world! Come laugh, feel, dream and cry with us on our comedy, poetry and theater nights! Everything from stand-up to open mics to slam poetry to book-readings to scene plays and more. Check our calendar for upcoming events!

Arts & Creativity

Passion | Creativity | Exploring

Theatre, Spoken word, Improv, Showcases, Art, Painting, Wine and paint, Jewelry making, Vision boards, Candle Making, Crystal Grid making

We believe creativity and spirituality are one and the same – that creativity is sacred. We offer an impressive array of creative nights for all ages and all types of creatives and aspiring-creatives! Lose the writer’s block, the fear of criticism, judgment and shame, lose the shackles and chains of fear that have been stifling your self-expression and holding you back from claiming and owning your creativity and sharing your brilliance and light! Transmute any creative obstacles you may be experiencing with a little help from your Liberate friends! Learn how to let go and fully tap your magic, creativity and freedom in our safe, supportive, nurturing and inspiring space. Be powerful, be magical, be free! Whether you’re drawn to visual arts, music, theatre, poetry, comedy or – literally – ANY kind of art or creative endeavor, we’re here to support you and the creative force that flows through you, as you, in this world. We aim to offer it all at Liberate Yourself and are always expanding and creating new things!

Great for: Absolutely everyone. We are all creative whether we realize it or not. Especially great for artistic minds and souls, for gently and powerfully tapping parts of the nervous system that move us away from states of anxiety, and for strengthening and sharpening the mind and spirit through learning and experiencing something new. Get out of your head, get into your heart and enjoy freedom and expression!


Restorative | Balancing | Activating

Hatha Flow Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Restorative Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong Yoga for well being, CBD flow yoga, Restore & flow yoga, Kundalini Yoga and self love meditation

Connect to the body, mind and soul with a relaxing, meditative, full-body workout. Working with the body is a direct connection to heal the mind and the emotions as well as physical issues. Move and mediate. Restore your mindset with different types of yoga and dance classes! Explore the best forms of movement and a variety of different classes for your body in our nourishing, spiritual space. We have an incredible sound system and beautiful space that will help you get in touch with your spiritual self. Move your body surrounded by beautiful gardens and hand-painted murals and come home to yourself. Liberate is the perfect setting – both restorative and inspiring – for classes involving yoga and movement. Reconnect to your body, yourself, and bring balance, energy and movement back into your life

Great for: Moving the body regularly which in turn helps with weight management, health and relieving stress and anxiety in daily life. Getting out of your headspace and connecting with yourself.

Education & Workshops

Expansion | Education | Success

Tantric Dating, Psychic Development, Crystals 101, Energy Cleansing, Clearing and Smudging, Tarot and Divination, Energetic Protection, Cord Cutting, Essential Oil & Aromatherapy, Feng Shui, Understanding your zodiac signs

Grow and expand within yourself and in your life! Dive deeper into what intrigues you and explore your interests in a safe and open space. Think of it as higher education for your spirit! If you are not growing, you’re dying. We offer the most exclusive workshops and a beautiful space to learn with some of the best facilitators in LA as well as some of the world’s best educators and facilitators touring through LA. Discover what it’s like to live a fulfilling life, learning from the best of the best in our stunning outdoor space surrounded by spiritual murals and nurturing gardens. Learn more about yourself and the things you love in a safe social setting.

Great for: Education for your spirit, expand your knowledge , learn and discover more about yourself and your spirituality.

Mystic Circles

Psychic | Mediumship | Energy

Psychic Circle, Medium Messages, Tarot and Divination, Working with your Guides, Make your Spell jars

Many people believe in the Spirit World – that there is more to life than what our physical eyes can perceive. Many of us have experienced things we can’t explain – things we may call psychic or paranormal experiences. If you have a loved one on the “other side” of the veil you may have thought about this a lot, or maybe you’ve even had an experience or two yourself with the unseen! If you’d like to have a direct experience of the presence of energy and spiritual beings beyond the physical, join us for a psychic circle or paranormal experience. Whether you have a particular question you’ve been wanting to ask, or you just want to see what spiritual message or guidance the Universe has for you, these circles are a truly thrilling way to experience psychic phenomena – and often receive spiritual confirmation that can be profoundly emotionally healing. We are honored to host some of the best psychics and psychic mediums in LA as well as some world-renowned psychics and channelers traveling through LA. We’re confident your experience will exceed your expectations. Enjoy a shared mystical experience with others!

Great for: Are you drawn to the mystical, finding yourself curious about experiencing psychic phenomena, or do you have a strong desire to connect with a departed loved one? Attending a Psychic Circle would be a great place to start your journey of exploration. The next step would be to try a private, 1:1 session with one of our gifted psychic practitioners.

Ceremonies & Rituals


Full Moon , Goddess Circles, Cacao Ceremony, Winter Solstice, Wheel Of The Year, Burning Rituals, Manifestation

Over the course of history many cultures have had traditions, rituals and ceremonies to help create a deeper connection to spirit, to community and to oneself. At Liberate we embrace all religions, traditions and cultures. We find that in today’s ever-expanding reality, we live in a very blessed time because we are able to offer the sacred container of ritual and ceremony with more openness and freedom. All are welcome. Some of these ceremonies may involve plant medicine, or sacred rituals specific to a particular culture, practice or lineage. We bring traditions from different regions and cultures from all over the world to you in LA and empower you to find your own truth and create your own divine connection.

Great for: Anyone who is craving the Sacred, Divine connection, connection to self, and connection to community, but is looking for this outside the traditional structures, rules and regulations of organized religion.

Certification & Training


Reiki Certification, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Akashic Records Practitioner, Learn to read Tarot, Psychic Development Training, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing Certifications

Liberate Yourself offers professional Certifications and Trainings in many different holistic and healing modalities, such as: all levels of Reiki Attunements & Certifications, all levels of Akashic Records Practitioner Certifications, Tarot Trainings and Certifications, various levels of Pranic Healing and ThetaHealing Certifications, and Hypnotherapy Training and Certification.

When people step onto a spiritual path, they start by working on themselves to heal challenges in their life. For some, the next step on the journey may be to deepen their healing by taking training, either for their own fulfillment, or to help guide others through challenges. Our Trainings and Certifications go beyond memorization and textbook learning, with direct, hands-on experiences and practice. Whatever your reasons for deciding to take a professional Training or Certification, whether it’s for your own mastery, or to help others, Liberate offers Trainings and Certifications in some of the most popular modalities like Reiki, as well as lesser-known modalities like Theta Healing, with some of the world’s leading educators and masters. Empower yourself and others by becoming an expert in your chosen modality, and deepen your healing experiences!

Great for: Helping you on your Spiritual journey and mastering something new, which could lead to a new career. Expand on your already natural gifts and learn more about your practice and yourself.